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  1. I've adjusted all of those 3, thank you! Temple at Sennisten was already in the quests, but I added Digsite, as well as Fiara to Guthix and switched around the placement. :thumbup:
  2. I've made the said changes, apologies for the slowness! I followed PawClaw's prescriptions; really, I'm not interested in having a drawn out ethical debate in this guide, but rather trying to illustrate the general nature of the gods in broad strokes for maximum understanding. Thanks!
  3. Heh, thanks for finding this, but I did consider using it but rejected it as it did not seem to indicate an actual incarnation of Seren, and more importantly, wasn't found in Runescape(as in, while playing). Thanks!
  4. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/File:Guthix_logo.svg I actually think we're talking about the same thing, it looks twisty and rootlike too :P
  5. I've made all the changes you suggested. I added an entry for the Elder Gods, even though we don't know nearly anything about them. Apmeken was a female, so I changed the heading, and Guthix's symbol of scales was added to his entry. Also tweaked the Zamorak information. Thanks for the help!
  6. Tip.It Times: 13 September 2009 Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<< When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks! This week we bring you an interview with Excl, the winner of the first Runescape Machinima contests and a well known youtube Runescape filmmaker, along with the usual offerings of a fictional article, and two accompanying articles; one a personal reflection on grinding and the other a learned discussion on the ramifications of December 10, 2007. Enjoy the articles!
  7. [hide=blah]Forum Username: tryto Age: 17 State (US only, do not give a city): Ontario Nation (do not give a city): Canada Educational level: 12 1. Have you ever attended a worship of any religion? Yes -by choice? Yes -What kind of worship? Both Christian (catholic and methodist) and Jewish synagogue. -Did you regularly attend this worship, by choice or parental guidance? Yes (the christian ones) 2. Do you consider yourself religious? No. 3. Is there a god, gods, or a supreme deity? No. -Did said god, gods, or supreme being create the Universe, according to your belief? No. 4. Is there an afterlife? No. 5. How do you believe that existence came about? (in a nutshell) The universe has always existed in some form or another. 6. Have you ever attended a worship of any religion that you do not consider yourself a part of? Yes -What? Jewish (as mentioned above) -Your thoughts on the experience It was about the same as christian ones I had attended, with more hebrew. 7. What are your thoughts on non Judeo-Christian Western religions? Remember that religion is a broad term so please be specific. With regards to religions like buddhism, while I find them more acceptable to my worldview than judeo christian versions, I still find them unacceptable to to introduction of entities like karma. With regards to theistic religions like hinduism, they have the same problems as judeo-christianity (a personal god) 8. What are your thoughts on Judeo-Christian religions? Remember that religion is a broad term and that both of these groups have many subdivisions that have radically different beliefs and practices. I find the concept of a personal god distasteful due to the seemingly inevitable onslaught of a absolute morality, a specific set meaning for life, and commands (many of which are offensive). I find it irreconcilable with the unnecessary suffering present in everyday life. Living in north america, I come in contact with evangelists and the like of the christian variety often. You can likely guess my feelings towards them; I don't bother them, why should they bother me? The same mormons came to my door at least eight times one month last year. Jewish communities I feel no antipathy towards; they have never bothered me, appear extremely intellectual, and the only gripe I have towards them is their fallacious and specious arguments conflating antizionism with antisemitism. 9. What are your thoughts on Asian religions? Remember that religion is a broad term so please be specific. I'm very skeptical of institutions like acupuncture. I feel no great antipathy towards Taoism or Confucianism, and confucianism's meritocracy and ethics allow me to find some common ground. I don't come into contact with adherents much. 10. What are your thoughts on African religions? Remember that religion is a broad term, so please be specific. Again, I don't come into contact with adherents much, but my limited knowledge of the subject is a handicap to me. To me, it's fairly simple in this case; I find no evidence in favour of their assertions. This follows along with most religions. 11. What are your thoughts on South American religions? Remember that religion is a broad term, so please be specific. I have no thoughts of note, besides vague ideas on ancient incas and aztecs. I know of no modern held religions that originated in south america. 12. What are your thoughts on Aboriginal religions (any native group that was displaced, such as Native Americans, Maori, Aborigines, etc)? Remember that religion is a broad term, so please be specific. aboriginal religions I've come into contact with quite a bit. I don't hold the same respect or love for animals that it does, and many parts of it are quite similar to african religions. I do look up to their doctrine on using all of the animal when they slaughter it. 13. What are your thoughts on pagan religions (Wiccan, alternative, Satanic, and other non-traditional forms of worship)? Remember that religion is a broad term, so please be specific. Also note that many alternative and pagan practices are not affiliated with Satanic worship. The rise of religions similar to wicca, and quasi-religions like "The secret" , while their followers are not in contact with me, nor do I have any comment on them...I do not appreciate the way which science has been misused by them, especially physics. The secret, in particular, rests on misinterpreting quantum mechanics. 14. What are your thoughts on atheism, the belief that there is no supreme being(s)? Please remember that there are degrees to this belief, and that not all share the same thoughts. I'm an atheist. I don't like those who claim to be an atheist yet have never done any serious research or thinking on the position, and I don't like the general attitude many atheists seem to have towards others, especially the religious. 15. What are your thoughts on agnosticism, the belief that a supreme being(s) exists, but the individual chooses not to worship it/them (or if one is unsure if a supreme being exists, but does not outright deny its existence)? agnosticism deals with knowledge not belief. Those who refer to themselves as agnostics, to me, are only giving me half or less of their complete theological position. I'm an agnostic atheist. I do not believe in god, but nor do I know for certain. 16. Have you ever publicly chastised someone who believes in a religion/school of thought different than yours? Not outside of philosophy classes or private conversations. (or on the internet, which doesn't count) -elaborate -what group were they? what group were you? 17. If you belong to a religion or non-religion, please identify. atheism. -Did you consciously choose to follow this belief? Yes. -Did you belong to another belief, by choice or force, before following this belief? Yes. -Did you personally research (as in personally in the first person) options before coming to this belief? Yes. 18. Is intelligence (not IQ, but actual intelligence) correlated to one's belief in a religion or non-religion? Keep in mind that intelligence can not be measured by any science, this is simply your judgment call. In my personal experience, while there are definite exceptions, the more outspoken theists (famous or otherwise) have a definite negative correlation with intelligence. It may not be linked to belief; instead it may be linked to their desire to share with everyone the personal choice they have made. 19. Does religion, in your observation, do good in the world? Please cite specific groups or denominations. It does both good and bad. Islam in particular gets a bad rap from me, especially in the festering middle east. Female genital mutilation, the government style, treatment of women and minorities, and adherence to their outdated commands all come together. Islam to me is where Christianity was a couple of hundreds of years ago (maybe more). Hopefully they grow out of it and become more secular as Christianity has done. Meanwhile, while I make no remarks about the motives I think that charity givers and the like for Christianity have (nothing good to say) I can't deny that many of them would not have given without religion. 20. Does non-religion, in your observation, do good in the world? Please cite specific groups or denominations. Good and bad, but not nearly so much bad. Humanist societies in particular I find do much, and the methodological naturalism of science has accomplished a multitude of tasks that a supernatural outlook would find much more difficult. Of course, there are examples like nuclear bombs as something bad, but the same innovation gave us nuclear power. 21. Does religion, in your observation, do bad in the world? Please cite specific groups or denominations. see above. 22. Does non-religion, in your observation, do bad in the world? Please cite specific groups or denominations. see above. 23. Please list your experience with sexual education, including but not limited to: lectures by parents, schools, religion, or non-education. Please do not list your sexual experiences. The typical birds and bees from the parents, a full onslaught of sexual education, birth control, and sexual diseases in school. I've listened to the abstinence talks, the anti birth control talks, the antiabortion talks from religions, and their counterparts from other groups. 24. Have you engaged in sexual intercourse of any kind? Please do not list your sexual experiences. A yes or no will suffice. yes. 25. What, in your opinion, defines "love?" Love is a word detailing a strong attraction or affection. 26. Have you ever been in, or are now in, a relationship? Yes, but not currently. -Is sex involved? Yes it was. 27. Are you single/committed relationship/married? Single. 28. What, in your opinion, is sex's place in a relationship (or lack of relationship)? Sex is incredibly important in a relationship, and with no or poor sexual compatibility a strong relationship is difficult, but not impossible. 29. Have you ever partaken in an illicit substance (excluding alcohol or marijuana)? -if so, what? Yes, LCD. -Have you ever lost control of your actions while under the influence of an illicit substance? No. 30. Have you ever partaken in marijuana? Yes. -Do you habitually use this substance? No. -Have you ever been "stoned?" Yes. -Have you ever lost control of your actions while under the influence of marijuana? No. 31. Have you ever partaken in the consumption of alcohol? Yes. -Do you drink socially or alone? Or both? Both. -Have you ever been drunk? Yes. -Have you ever lost control of your actions while under the influence of alcohol? No. 32. Have you ever regretted a sexual encounter? No. 33. Have you ever regretted using an illicit substance? (excluding hangovers) No. 34. Have you ever regretted using alcohol? (excluding hangovers) No. 35. Have you ever given serious thought (longer than 30 minutes in a year) to the existence of a supreme being(s)? Yes.[/hide]
  8. Thanks both of you. I've made the corrections to the guide. Thanks a lot! :) Any other corrections to the quest guide can be posted here as well.
  9. The way our crediting system works is you get credited if we use the info. Most of the website's guide was written during the day, and you weren't credited in it because I didn't make use of your information in writing the guide. Unfortunately, most guides contain much of the same information. In the future, most quest guides are typically posted in the guides section of the forums; it's easier for us to find them, and you'll still be credited if we use your info there. Thanks.
  10. Thank you SO much. This information was incredibly helpful during hunter guide updates, and your map was used for the hunting region map. Thanks a lot!
  11. Whenever I put in a cd(music, application, whatever), it refuses to autoplay. This is quite a problem for music cds, as I cannot do anything at all with them. The problem first started after using a quickbooks application cd. As you can see, the drive is called QBCA(numbers), which I do not think is a coincidence. Changing autoplay options in properties has no effect. I'm running xp service pack 3, I don't have a dvd drive, and I've used applications like daemon tools before, if that could cause the problem. The drive name remains QBCA(numbers), even when the drive is empty. I also have only one optical drive, not two which is what is being shown for some reason. EDIT: I disabled my emulator and the second optical drive (E:) disappeared. An image of what is happening: Any help is greatly appreciated. :) EDIT: Solved the problem with some help, thanks.
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