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  1. Hippodo I miss you come back more often please. :( Aww thanks :oops: I think I'll come back every time a major update takes place and/or one of my pictures makes it into the Gallery (which doesn't mean I expect them to). I have the sudden urge to summon a bunyip now! Really nice artstyle, would like to see more! Do you have a DeviantART account or something? Yes, as a matter of fact I have, it's called 'Hippodo' (shocking I know!). I haven't produced much yet, and currently I've got zero time on my hands, but anything I make will be put up there. Thanks for the compliment btw, you too GaVaTi :)
  2. Why thank you :) Can't believe my little pic made it into the gallery <3: It even made me return to Tipit forums for once!
  3. your picture made it on the jagex gallery! gratz

  4. The background of the Dharok picture is amazing in my opinion, although the person in the foreground is of somewhat lesser quality. Makes you think that maybe the two parts were made by different artists, but I don't wish to imply anything. :)
  5. Well at least there's someone keeping an eye on the calendar around here! Thanks :D

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Haha. As if anyone reads those more than once. :P Ahem, did someone mention my name? I can't remember any sort of backstory for the Void Knights or their outpost... Because of that I'm glad we get these quest series now, so they really have a good reason for being there. In my opinion every major thing happening in Gielinor right now should have at least one quest explaining how it all began. As for the picture; It looks very promising!
  8. It's kind of late here so I'm not in the mood to ponder your main point, but I will tell you this: Jagex has stated that they will start developing the Eastern Lands once this continent is completely finished. Kind of what Morionic said.
  9. Hey grats Trips, getting free stuff for your hard work is always nice isn't it? :P And luckily it looks like Laita is sorting out Omg D4n's copyright issue with Mod Emilee.
  10. Altars don't have to be destroyed for them to have talismans. Didn't the Duke of Lumbridge just find one somewhere? My guess is that, whether the altar is destroyed or not, you need a talisman anyway to get to the actual altar. So the Soul talisman being in the cache doesn't prove much.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yR_zQEOX7U At 4:00, if you look at the screen on the right, you can see a wallpaper of some sort. Could it be a piece of concept art? She is the creator of the Penguin series after all, so concept art of what seems to be a ship in an ice field makes sense. But what is the thing in the foreground?
  12. I remember an NPC stating that the altars the Fremennik destroyed never were the REAL altars. Wizard Elriss tells us about every Runecrafting Altar being so powerful that they warp the space around themselves and create their own pocket dimension. This already was the case since the beginning. The Moon Clan apparently sought out a suitable place in RuneScape for a portal to an altar which was in another dimension altogether. The Fremennik destroyed the gate, so to speak, but not the place. My guess is that, with the talisman, you can revive/use the portal to the pocket dimension again. As for EVERY altar being beat up by the Fremennik, I'm just as puzzled as you. I realized too that it's a mystery how they got through the Temple of Light unharmed, there's no historical explanation for it. Likely a fault on Jagex's part. There is always the chance that the Soul Altar wasn't damaged, like the Astral Altar. However it would be a whole lot more interesting if the Soul Altar WAS destroyed while the Mahjarrat need it for their rejuvination ritual...
  13. Great thread Dooku, we can always trust you with bringing us solid, interesting discussions. While I was reading your thread and came across the region "Silvarea" I actually scrolled up to see who wrote the thread. There aren't many people who know that name sadly. Maybe it would be worth noting that Anima Mundi literally means "Soul of the World", a fact which strengthens your theory. By the way, there are only two quests dealing with Glouphrie. The Grand Tree quest centers around Glouph. As for my own thoughts, I agree with most of the others posters above me. In my opinion the final installment of the Mahjarrat storyline would be perfect for the Soul Altar. The last and most powerful altar deserves one of the, if not the, longest and most interesting storyline known to Gielinor. Not to mention that the fabled 'Ritual Stone', used by the Mahjarrat to absorb and redistribute life force, sounds much alike to an altar stone with the ability to emit 'Soul' power. I can't see the Soul Altar being the reward of the Elemental Workshop storyline, it's just too simple. It revolves around you rediscovering machinery made by some inventor, which can produce moderately powerful armour. Not really worthy of the most powerful altar in my opinion. Anyway, keep up the good work :)
  14. This could be really epic guys, as long as the announced clan chat updates are any good. On the Dutch forums people are already talking about waiting lists and whatnot... NETHERLANDS FTW!
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