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cool new prayer idea?


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So i was thinking one day "prayer is praying for the god you follow to help you in some way". Well I looked at my prayer book and sure enough there were prayers but none seemed to be directed in any kind of god. So why not at level 70 get the ability to do a quest for a choice of three new prayer books based on the three main gods of gielinor. Guthix Saradomin and Zamorak, would have a prayer book with 70+ prayers. After the quest you choose one god to follow and you recieve that prayer book. Here are some prayers I have come up with names are subject to change....










(70) (name unknown): When in combat, if hp falls below 15% Guthix teleports you to the Alter in Taverly.


(drains all prayer points)




(75) Soul clenser: Heals all poisoning-disease. Costs 10 prayer points. *must have completed Zogre flesh eaters quest to get healed from disease*




(80) Power of Balance: Increases attack,stregth, and defence by 28%.




(85) Internal rest: Fully recharges health when it falls below 20%. Drains prayer completely must have at least 35 prayer points.




(90) Power of nature: Stat restore pots and energy pots have 2x the power. Costs 20 Prayer points. Effect covers all potions in inventory (effect wears off when potions are deposited in bank.)




(95) Gift of sight: Increases range and mage by 35%




(99) Ultimate Balance: Increases Attack, Strength and Defense by 35%








(70) Saradomins Touch: When Health falls below 15% Saradomin teleports you to the temple just west of the River Salve.




(75) Wisdom: Increases exp gained by non combat skills by 1.2x. Prayer drains as normal.




(80) Power of wisdom: Increases defece 28% attack 31% and Strength 25%




(85) Fallen Hero: Calls apon the fallen Saradomin Warriors and deals a random damage of 1-20.


Costs 15 prayer points.




(90) Super smite: takes .35 the damage of your attack and deals it to your oppenents prayer. (example if you hit 40 you take 14 points of prayer out of your opponents prayer.




(95) Eye of perfection: 35% increase in magic and range.




(99) Saradomin's grace: 42.5% defence increase 30% Strength and 32.5% attack increase.








(70) Last Resort: When your health falls below 15% Zamorak teleports you to the Black Knights alter in the Taverly dungeon.


(75) Zamorak's Retribution: deals poison damage of 8 to all surronding opponents. (3x3 area)




(80) Power in choas: increase stregth 31% 25% defense and attack 28%




(85) Greedy Hand: Negates the effects of protect item prayers (cost 10 prayer points and does not effect the 3 items kept on death.)




(90) Element of surprise: Gives an extra 5 stat boost to all combat pots (super sets, normal attack, def, and stregth pots, exc) Costs 20 Prayer points. The prayer only works on potions in the inventory and one prayer covers all the potions. Blessed potions will return to normal if banked.




(95) Eye of evil: Increases range and mage 35% (this is also in all prayer books so there is no biast god.)




(99) Total Choas: increase stregth 42.5%, 30% defense and attack 32.5%




I have thought these prayers through very carefully. I don't have the best names for all of them but they send the message. I tried very hard not to make one god seem biast (sp) over another such as make the 95 prayer for saradomin increase range 35% and zamorak's prayer increase mage 35%. Guthix is balanced that is why he gets 35% in all and the others don't. I tried to balance out the effects so it is still fair.




The prayer books would be changeable just like the spellbooks. The only difference is the location would be hard to get to so it would be advised to pick the god you would like to keep for a long time.




PLease tell me if you support or if you don't tell me why, and don't flame unless there is perfect logic behind it and remember i didn't create this thread because i wanted to be flamed. If i wanted to here how much i suck and my ideas suck i would just go spend an hour with my little brother.


I edited the prayers because i realized that some prayers were over powered and saw flaws in a few. Also the prayers are set up so that there is stratagey to play also. Zamorak is more for pking or pvp minigames, while saradomin is more for quests and can also be helpful in some pvp situations, and guthix is for monster hunts and general questing and training.


LIke i said before say if you support or if you have an idea of another good prayer to add use this app.




Name of prayer:




Level to use:




Why do you feel it is appropraite for that god:



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Rediciously overpowered, would cripple the demand for training food, would make 1hit ko's in pvp possible essentially destroying high level fights, would make herblore lose even more with less demand for potions, would make all skilling 20% cheaper and faster resulting in gathering skills becoming even slower money.


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Following on from mooky said, I think its a nice idea, Prayer doe's need some high level prayers, and the idea of linking them with one of the 3 Gods is a pretty good idea, I just think the prayers themselves need some work.




I'm assuming the quest you have said will be a follow-kon from Horror of the Deep though, because don't you get a God book after that quest?


Current Goal


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