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Virtumonde - blocking access to documents


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I recently had the Virtumonde virus, or some variant of it, and it seems to have blocked access to most of my documents.




If I try to access notepad/MSWord documents which were created before I had this virus I get an access denied message:






I can create and edit files on my C:/ drive now, but anything that was created before is totally inaccessible. They also cannot be moved/copied. A format isn't possible since most of the documents I'm trying to access are reports/essays for university, and can't be replaced.




I am still an administrator, and have tried changing the privilege levels of admins/users but still can't access the documents. The properties for the documents claim that they can be opened/edit etc by administrators/users- but can't.








I've ran programs such as Spybot S&D, Combofix, HJT and all claim that the virus has gone, but is there any chance a small piece of it remains hidden somewhere that's blocking my access?




Any help would be appreciated since I need to access the documents, or at least copy them onto a CD, for my university portfolio. I won't be able to check this thread for a few hours, so please don't expect a quick response from me at first.




Thanks in advance.

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