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Trevor's Blog to Becoming a GWD Master!

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Greetings, i'm Trevor92223 and this is my blog...


Let me tell you a little bit about myself..


I'm 16 from the tiny, corrupt state of Rhode Island, i got to school high, erm.. high school


Enough with the personal life, My goal is to become a Range tank, now i use this term loosely as i wont be 70 atk/str, but i use it in the sense that i'll have a kickass Range and Defence level which will also help me in GWD.




[hide=Best of Bank]bobmay182009f.th.png[/hide]






I am racing a fellow clanmate to 90 range for the time being.


I Traing range via Aviansies, so i'm hoping to rack up enough adamantite bars to train other stats[/hide]






Upon completing the Defender of varrock subquests and The quest itself, i'll obtain 85 defence via Armoured Zombies.


After the initial 2 Races have ended i'll continue to train defence to 90.[/hide]




I'll update this later, since i have to go to sleep. :[

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Edit: i dont have the patience for this. does anyone know of an image hosting site that's NOT imageshack?




lol...i used image-shack once on my brand new email acc. 3 days later, i got about 50 spam emails from them saying that if i paid a dollar each month, i could help support their site. If you wanna put images up, just post them from your pictures folder on your computer like i do

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