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  1. I bursted lobs before dung came out.. So i would say yes do it if you can make 400k+ gp/hr
  2. Its been a while since Ive played and im planning on getting 250k xp to complete 94 mage. What are good f2p alchables that give a minimal loss to my bank? Thanks
  3. smelting + smithing mith bolts/arrowstips at blast furnace w/ sc hammers suites well for you. 60k xp/hr if concentrated and you break even i believe.
  4. You can still, dont wait for animations or anything. just knock out pickpocket pickpocket Repeat
  5. Blackjacking is the BEST thieving xp in the game, no matter the level. It just requires a huge amount of concentration, if you're on a laggy computer, do plunder. Regardless i suggest plunder from 91+ either way seeing as you're going straight to 99 you'll burn out easily with blackjacking. In sum: Blackjack to 91, get a taste for it then decide if you want to use it to 99 If not, from 91+ use pyramid plunder
  6. i suggest superheating mith bars from 51-53, it has a little loss if any i believe, and okay xp From 53-60 you can use the blast furnace smithing mith bolts, or arrowtips depending on prices, with sc hammers you can get 60k xp/hr
  7. How many hours of cave horror killing does it take to get a black mask? Does anyone have a drop rate for them? thanks
  8. Hey. I'm looking to start investing (without the "help" of a merch clan) anyway.. im looking at around a 4% profit. I'm down to 8m at the moment. if i were to invest all that i'd be looking at around 300k profit. Now that's over the course of 2 days... At what amount of money does it really start becoming worth the trouble?
  9. idk your range lvl but i can get ~40 crims/hr plus the possibillity of a visage EDIT: at kbd
  10. yip has extreme A.D.D. it attacks for a little then follows me
  11. yes ive seen it fight aviansies
  12. obby rings are the BEST xp and fastest kills at aviansies well i've calculated needing ~5k bolts for 4k kc (1.2m xp) so about 5k more should do
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