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  1. maybe my gnomeball. i remember wayy back in the day when they came out everyone used to pass them to eachother.. and im pretty sure its like a forgotten item now but it used to have so much popularity.. bunny ears and rubber chicken maybe or khazard armor i have in my bank, representing one of the best rsc training spots ever, khazard troops.. once again now theyre forgotten
  2. I think it has something to do with what RS era you're from. If you just started in the last 2-3 years, i could see why you might hate pures. But if you're like me and from anywhere from 01-04 you have more reasons to appreciate pures, and they are more 'acceptable' to you IMO.
  3. how do you turn pouches into scrolls.
  4. what is a good thing to make if im looking to raise my 34 summoning to 40? i have around 130 gold/green/crimsons, dont wana use blues yet. i dont really need to save crimsons bc i wont be going above 52 summoning for a long time
  5. alright when you're in the tomb, how do you break down the doors with a pickaxe? it says in the guide "you wont be able to break them down when the skeletons are attacking you". too bad the skeletons are across a pit and throwing stuff at you, and it never tells you to bring maging/ranging items.. what to do?
  6. stillballin


    i like the look of the new whip, the swinging motion is terrible looking tho IMO
  7. k. im probaly going with the sara sword. is there a good chance of it crashing?
  8. SS > D scim + rune def can i get some more opinions?
  9. How much better is a whip + defender than just a sara sword? I prefer training strength when i do slayer, which i can do with a sara sword and not a whip, but the extra 5 mill is tough to pay. is it worth it?
  10. Wow, i had no idea that huge post was made until now. Good thing i didnt see it at the time, that wouldve taken hours to reply to..
  11. True. Im looking for mostly combat items though.. im not gonna spend much if any of this money on skills, if so it will be range which i have 80 already. sara swords like 7 mill right? http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscorepersonal.ws here are my stats.. not much of a skiller
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