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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Reading this guide made me miss farming. Dont update it, this outdated version makes me feel like I still know how to farm lol
  3. ^ quality post. Haven't listened to metal in ages but I really should. Can recommend watchtower, once you get past the vocals they're really good. Also Gorod and Gorguts, though those are more prog death.
  4. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday TEH FARMER.

  6. Heh no i've been quit for like 6 months now. I still browse off topic and the 200m thread and some blogs though:)

    how about you? been a loong time

  7. Wow, you're still alive?! Do you play RS any more? O_O

  8. Been a long time since I even listened to metal but rather liked that 2nd song. I can recommend leviathan (well there's like 10 bands with the same name, you want the swedish band with 1 album), hate forest and sacramentum. I'll assume you've heard of immortal etc already http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E1S0QMZrF4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP_ZJS5lYQw
  9. D Jay99


    No but really, lol has a different meaning. Or at least to me it does. I use lol when something is actually funny, which isnt that often. L or l is more like something you add to the end of a sentence to make sure people dont interpret it literally. Like ehm while in a dungeon and some guy dies for the 4th time what, you died again? or what, you died again? l pretty terrible example but i cant think of something better atm. Basically the l is there to show you're not serious or annoyed or whatever
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