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  1. As an additional note, keep in mind that things like 99s and high levels (at least, in the way you describe wanting them) will take quite a long time and some serious effort. Try not to set your goals too high starting out--but other than that, questing, as others of said, is a great way to start rounding yourself out and familiarizing yourself with Runescape. It'll also help you figure out what you like to do. ^.^
  2. What are your levels, and what do you usually do/are currently doing in RS? By 'good armor' design do you mean looks, or effectiveness? That will help get your question answered when you let us know :P
  3. You're not wrong in thinking that, since productivity takes effort into account. However, you are wrong in assuming that the lack of effort is worth 60k xp/hour - you can't assume everyone values laziness as much as you do. Mmm, I do value my laziness. ^.^ But seriously, I've been out of the WC loop for a while, and I'm still getting back into the game. I gave some simple, easy to follow advice and Tieszen gave better/more efficient advice, I'm perfectly okay with that. I'll try to keep efficiency in mind a little more with any future help I try to give. :D
  4. My apologies, I include effort as part of something being "best." :P
  5. Multiple attempts at logging into the world has worked for me in the past (Or wait for a little while, to get 'unlocked' from the server).
  6. The above are all true, so in summary: Emails claiming to be the Jagex team and accusations that you are banned are false, these are phishing scams designed to try to steal your account. Never click any links in these emails. (I have recieved many of these emails, and in total it has said I've been banned through every possible way over 30 times each, and I've never even been muted XD) If your email is different from what you remember, either a friend of yours with your password changed it, a hacker changed it, or you remembered the wrong email. Change it if any of the above apply. F2P players are no longer on the hi-scores. **If you've been playing since 2006, you don't need your email to login, it only needs the username you gave the account when it was made, and the current password** And last, but not least, don't click Runescape "links," just go the webpage yourself (type it in).
  7. For pure exp, Ivy is the best, and it gives an okay profit from bird's nests, so it's not completely profit-less. For fletching, you can fletch maple longbow(u)s all the way to 99 and make a profit while doing so (just sell the bows after cutting the logs, no need to string). Edit: Ivy is exactly the same as it's always been.
  8. I believe 6.10 is in beta and requires a manual download/install, but if it works still, then it's okay, I suppose.
  9. Does it work with other browsers? If so, from what I've seen/heard, Google Chrome needs Java version 6.10 to run java applets (especially if your java hasn't updated recently). If it doesn't help, let me know, I'll keep an eye out.
  10. Woodcutting and Fishing are very inefficient moneymakers as of right now (not that they were ever that great). Dragon Defenders (shield), Chaotic weapons, and the like are pretty solid choices, and whips are still okay, but Vine Whips improve them. Godswords don't have a lot of actual use right now, just a little niche usage. Bandos armor is good, but certain barrows pieces work as well/better in certain situations. Royal dragonhide armor is out for rangers (high level range armor). It'd probably be a good idea to do some research on things either on the guides here, or playing the game and checking things out a bit. (As said above, the beta is expected to cause armor/weapon prices to shift dramatically, so be conservative on your purchases)
  11. At least everyone has (some form of) opportunity to check out the Member's world, now. It's a marketing ploy just as much as SoF is.
  12. You either overestimated your account's levels/cash or you or someone else botted on the account and it got rolled back. I'd guess it's the former rather than the latter, but if you are particularly worried about it, change your info.
  13. You can have multiples of each egg, but can only incubate the next one if the current is fully grown and stored in the POH menagerie.
  14. Make sure you click the verification link through the email they sent (to the email you have registered to the account). I don't think there's much of a delay on it. That's about all I've got for it--If you have multiple accounts, make sure you're checking the right email. You can also, I believe, subscribe to a full membership once you have that trial, and it will tack the number of days left on the trial onto the amount you paid for. Edit: It could also be something up with their systems, although I have no idea how that works. At worst, you can just wait for a little while and see if it starts working.
  15. So, I'm currently sitting on a rather large number of Dreadnips, and I'm curious as to where/how I should be using them. I know they can be beneficial in the Fight Kiln, but other than that, I'm in the dark regarding their uses. Thanks in advance for the help. ^.^
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