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  1. So i come back after months of not playing and i go to login in and something pops up saying that i could get 14 days of free membership if i verify my emails, so i did it. When i go back into the game it says it's activating the membership trial and says it cannot do it at this time and now i can't find out how to get it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Those are some really nice goals, good luck with them. First Post :) --->Lvl3richness<---
  4. good job so far, nice drop from the party room. Any goals though?
  5. looking for an f2p 26k partner between now and 8pm est time. respond fast to get spot first, doing this all week between 6-8 pm est time.. add me on runescape, (zabuza d) and send me a message ( tip.it) and i'll know you want to do it.
  6. good luck with all your goals and congratz on the ones you made
  7. you would need to buy a cap card if you want some good quality videos or you can just set up a camera on a stand and record your tv while your doing it.
  8. i'm 5 prestige 46 in mw2 i believe with a nuke count of 32( yay) i have a gs of 1000 in cod4 and 1550 in cod5.. Only need the spec ops achievement in mw2 and the laptops. The laptops ill get eventually im just to lazy to do it.. What im doing is looking for someone really good at m2w to start a team double gamebattles. If you dont know what gamebattles is, than its an mlg online community. You can play ladders, tournaments, and if you want to pay you can play some really hardcore tournaments.. If your looking for a sponsership, than this is the place to look. So if your looking to have some fun times, this is the site. Hook me up with a message and tell me who you are Gamebattles username: Unseenknarf Xbox 360 Gamertag: Unseenknarf
  9. wow this topic is so intense. i wish i was on when it happened but, nope my xbox was calling my name...
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