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60 or 70 att?


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60 attk 70 for whip is not worth it it will only help you lvl attk(useless unless you get 75 or 78) or controlled raises your def (horrible for pking) so just get d weps which wont lvl you up \' get 95 range as well if you want to rush

The game haha you lose

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70 attack for the whip. Really helps in PvP even if you decide to break out spec weapons. If you wanna try 3-way-pking, then have your range some 10-15 levels higher than attack, but be careful. A bow is faster than a whip but it's much weaker than a crossbow, which is years slower than a whip.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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