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Repo! The Genetic Opera


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i heard about it, and it looked interesting. never got around to watching it though. what would you compare it too? also this is in the wrong forum.

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And Evil you mad bastard. You are definately bringing TET back up to it's glory. No doubt about it. Keep it going champ.

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I always forget you're 20 too. I always think you're 25 or something. o.o

Ya think that I'm insane, Its not sane... its not sane

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The singing is so diverse, yeah, sorry i realized right after i posted it.


It's like phantom of the opera minus the lovey dovey, add in some killing and suspenseful situations and shake it all up with a spice of the "future" which seems realistic and imminent, and the idea of organ failures makes me see it as a helpless situation that might happen in OUR own future

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