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Sell-50 With MouseKeys?


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Hello TIF!




I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm trying to sell a bunch of a certain item to an NPC, and I'm trying to use MouseKeys by pressing 5,2,5,8. My problem is, none of the distances for the MouseKeys work for me. When I try to use the second highest MouseKey level, it only goes to to Sell-10. But when I go to the highest level, it goes way past the Sell-50 Button. Is there any way to make it so that you can use MouseKeys to make it so you can get to Sell-50? I seem to remember someone saying to change your GHz, mine is currently 60 GHz. If anyone could elaborate on that it would be appreciated. Also, would changing the pixels in the screen change anything?







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Your Ghz should be 75, and clicking the option for Enhance pointer precision. If you cant manage to reach sell 50 then try halving the distance and pressing 2 (down) twice, more clicks but still better then using a mouse.

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