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Formal Garden


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I'm a few from roses but if I had your level, I would mix it up too. But that's because I only want 1 formal garden.




If Jagex gave us unlimited rooms to make lots of formal gardens then it would look better if you made them all look the same like a front yard of a mansion.








It's really whether you want a functional house (portal close to tabs workshop church) or a just for looks house (lots of formal garden divining your portal and your house). Just for looks house would be awesome for a video maker.



Runescape, Funorb, "Mechscape" Videos


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I have four formal gardens so I don't know.. I'm not that happy with it right now.




I think the roses and bluebells combination looks good. I guess I will just keep what I have though, for the variety and because I don't want to spend any more money haha I spent so much.




Stupid posh fountain.. Thank you all for your help though. I may change it to all roses and bluebells one day.




PS. I think mine looks really good and extremely functional as well. :D




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There are lots of flowers are available in formal garden. Formal gardens often have very defined lines and angles. You can recognise then by the symmetrical balance they have. It is very helpful and interesting information for every one.Every one can share their thoughts about it. According to me i think that rose is the best flower.

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