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  1. Another way to sort the weaknesses. Behemoths (Best to Slash) ------------- Gluttonous Bulwark Stomp Runebound Hope Devourer Stalkers (Best to Range/Stab) ------------- PlaneFreezer Nightgazer ShadowForger Fleshspoiler WorldGorger Demons (Weak to Mage/Crush) ------------- Bloodchiller Riftsplitter Pummeller Thunderous WarMonger Rangers (Best for Slash) ------------- Saggitare Blink Mages (Best for Range/Stab) ------------- Astea Lexicus Warriors (Best to Mage/Crush) ------------- Rammernaut Dreadnaut MultiClassed (Best to Team of mix styles) ------------ Skeletal Horde Skeletal Trio Meatshield class (No resistance. Use high dmg attacks. Easily obtainable styles fall under Mage, Slash, and Crush.) ----------- Icy Bones Cursebearer Gravekeeper Animals and Non-human mage types (Best to use Range and Stab...anything not in the meatshield class. The same weaknesses as hellhounds, hob goblins, necros, and dragons.) ---------- IceFiend Geomancer Necrolord (I simply have to class this as non-human for various reasons. Though that same argument would have applied to Dreadnaut.) Warped Gulega There are definitely some inconsistencies due to the nature of undead bosses or multi-classed bosses. But if I were to ultimately choose one way to organize this mess, I'd have to pick this final post as it provides a more balanced spectrum of the bosses based on the 6 per theme structure. EDIT: I decided to separate the last few out into the Multiclass, Meatshield, and Animal types. It would save me from typing out "exception parenthesis". Otherwise, I'd be forced to put someone like Cursebearer in the warriors section.
  2. Okay to be honest, I'm not sure if I can get this done as it is not on my priority list of things to do. So I guess I'll just condense it to the point where the guide part needs to be addressed. Here are my suggested fixes and detailed expansions. Everyone cares about weaknesses so I'll just stick to that. If I don't mention a boss, it's because I agree with the guide on that part of the weakness. Everything that is weak to ranged can be stabbed but it will be less accurate. Everything that is weak to mage can be crushed but it will be less accurate. If I put a "then" on the list, it's to show the best spheres to hybrid with due to some bosses requiring multiple styles. If I use the term "Ok", it means the style is a decent enough alternative to considered accurate. Gluttonous Behemoth - Use Slash Astea - Use Range then stab hybrid Icy Bones - (Won't be sure unless I find a 5:5 large c6 in frozen. Yeah right lol) IceFiend - (Won't be sure unless I find a 5:5 large c6 in frozen. Yeah right lol) PlaneFreezer - Use range Skeletal Horde - Use Mage/Crush then Range/Stab hybrid Geomancer - Use range Bulwark - Use Slash Unholy - Use Range. Mage Ok. (Been a while with him. I think he is simply low def and health heavy so all should work.) Rammer - Use Mage Stomp - Use Slash Riftsplitter - Use Mage Lexicus - Use Range Saggitare - Use Slash Nightgazer - Use Range Shadowforger - Use Range Pummeler - Use Mage Trio - Mage then Range/stab/Slash hybrid Runebound - Slash then Range hybrid Gravekeeper - Slash. Mage Ok (Probably another heavy heavy but low def boss. Haven't seen anyone range him. But typical dg zombies are just low def meat shields.) Necrolord - Range. Mage Ok Fleshspoiler - Range Thunderous - Mage Blink - Slash Gulega - Range Dreadnaut - Mage Hope Devourer - Slash. Mage Ok World Gorger - Range then Stab hybrid WarMonger - Speculated to be Mage World Gorger's guide needs to be updated. The very least it should say is "see bestiary for more info" or something along those lines. Ok have fun all and thanks Bogs.
  3. Whoops! I made one goof. Yes Stomp is weak to melee-slash. I somehow put stalker weaknesses on him. Stomp is basically a large behemoth trapped in a portal. As a behemoth, he is weaker to melee as a default. Sorry about that! :) This is why I shouldn't type this all up in one day. I've updated the preview tip for cursebearer. Undeads have weak defenses all around anyways. But you will achieve more accurate hits with range on Cursebearer. It's best to ignore the little preview tips until I write up the more detailed versions explaining them. In the Cursebearer example, the battle is actually a hindrance on player-mages if you bare in every detail of this battle.
  4. All_Bogs, Please feel free to condense my corrections to become skillguide friendly. This is of course if you agree to my statements. I can obviously edit my entries to become more brief but I rather give a large messy rough draft and let an editor highlight/translate the main points of my findings. Generally speaking, my descriptions do match alot of the strats and weaknesses already in the guide. But, like I said, there are some which place too much melee bias in certain boss battle whereas another style has a higher accuracy rate against it. I guess I'm particularly against the Warped floor brief descriptions where it all says "melee works well against it". I know where this is coming from but anything can be weak to melee once it has been exposed to a foreign factor such as a bloodrager special attack. EDIT: Ah! So you've updated some of the bios. Can you make this quick little detail change in gulega? The reason why melee is prayed on default is not due to being the most powerful but that it is an "instant" attack. Similar to a melee-style Jad run, you must pray melee as Jad will not signal it's use of the melee attack. (Less than important note) It can also be mentioned that it doesn't matter how far you are from gulega, the projectiles will arrive at target at the same speed. That means you can see it hover slowly at your head in you are close, or increase in speed if you are far. This is to make it fair to close-quarters meleers to prayer switch.
  5. Thank you for the input so far. I will most likely finish the corrections on the first two themes last since most people handle the latter bosses in their large complexity 6 versions. I do not have a hexhunter bound but my explanations on weaknesses are based on how accurately you can hit without prayer, not how high you can hit when you do hit. Obviously, turmoiling against most bosses will increase your damage and accuracy against the mob. But if you allow range to become buffed by rigour, you should achieve a better dps. Remember that in dps, fast low hits is considered better than slow high hits. 100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100 is better than 0-500-0-0. These statements obviously apply to only those who have weaknesses against range. One must also realize what is considered true class when comparing styles. I will never consider someone a "ranger" if they simply wield a bow and arrow. Similarly, no-one is a "mage" if they ONLY carry a surgebox. Those are called hybrids with range/mage secondaries. A ranger is considered a primary if he/she is actively multitasking hide crafting while clearing rooms. As I am a T10 blitz mage with a rapier alternative, I specifically use full mage robes rather than a primal plate. The thing with range/mage is that your accuracy is dependent on your armor whilst in melee it is totally separate. It is a higher complexity, yes, but efficient multitasking with alchemy runes will help upkeep the necessary costs for improved range/maging. Melee is basic and is the best to use when you are unclothed but range/mage can outperform melee once fully geared. As you can tell, what is weak to range can also be "stabbed". Whenever I offer a secondary tactic as a "weaker" version, it means you can use that style as a less accurate alternative. It doesn't mean it's resistant to it. This just means you will achieve 90% hit rate with range but you can still achieve 70% hit rate with stab. Any other style would have less successful hit rates. Generally speaking, melee-pound is considered the poor man's mage. Melee-stab is considered the poor man's range. Melee-slash is considered the true melee style. MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: Bosses are never taken seriously unless they are the large 5:5 c6 version. Because in their lower versions, I can practically use mage on every boss out there. This is why in C1 small, people would rush saggitare with magic. =========== My notes on Range. There is nothing wrong with range in terms of it's damage. Like I said, fast accurate low hits are better than hitting high on a blue moon whilst relying on a bloodrager. I will say range is on the lower end of the spectrum due to how their ammo works. Their ammo is most troublesome to make as it requires mine->smith->cut->fletch->fletch. Whereas mage only needs to buy essence. So until there is a surgebox-like update which preserves more arrows and possibly acts as a retractor, range is currently more efficient in being a secondary style. This is due to the nature of 15-30 minute large rushes and the fact that you can't choose your boss. If one does want to use range as a primary, they'd have to rely on store bought fractite and use sagg arrows strategically in order to maintain the pace of a large rush.
  6. !Warped! ==Blink== *A humanoid ranger-type with the ability to control portals. He is weakest to melee-slash attacks but both melee-stab and ranged can be used as weaker alternatives. *Most of blink's attacks are unprayable except for his ranged and melee attacks. It is generally advised to pray ranged as he does not actively chase you down with his melee-knife. In order for him to be targetable, however, you must be quick at guessing his waypaths and raise a pillar to stop him. The need to raise pillars is what makes Blink a challenging opponent. *Blink's attacks consist of: - When he is unattackable, he will expel a mage type blast attack. It is unblockable and it's radius is one pillar from his waypath. Unprayable. - His ranged attack involves throwing a knife at a portal which causes a paradox of multiple throwing knives. - His melee attack is a general stab with a knife. - He will occasionally use a mage attack which is used in instant. This is the "magic in yo face!" attack. - When he cries, "here...here it comes!", immediately raise a pillar and run behind it. It is the same unblockable mage type blast attack that comes from his unattackable stage. Unprayable. ==Warped Gulega== *A Gulega. Something never seen in this world before. It appears to be weakest to range but melee-stab has some degree of effect against him. *Jagex implemented Gulega as the Tzharr-Jad of dungeoneering. Many players are clueless to the exact strategy of Gulega and die from it. But the strategy with Jad is the same with Gulega. The thing with Gulega is that it's more powerful than Jad. It has a distance MELEE attack and the timeframe to switch prays is faster. So with prays, you must start with the melee pray and switch to range or mage depending on what attack it decides to spawn. *Gulega's attacks consists of: - The melee tentacle attack. It covers any distance and is multiway. It is an instant attack so it's best to default at the melee prayer. - A green spit ranged multiway attack. Once you see this appear, you have about 1 second to switch to range pray. Gulega is unique in that the register hits are not based on when he fires it but rather when the attack will hit. - A yellow electric ball mage multiway attack. As with the ranged spit, you see this...you flash mage then switch back to default melee. - Gulega has singleway attack which is easy to spot. It will dig into the ground a cause 4 tentrils to close in on a target. Simply run away from it and you will be fine. Otherwise, you will be hit to 1 hp. ==Dreadnaut== *(Until Dreadnaut is fixed...it is an easy boss. So I will deal with an improved version of this boss after the fix) *Rammernaut hoskins but warped. He is actually two foes in one as his maul is a being in itself. He is weakest to mage but you are welcome to try to attempt crush attacks at him. *Whereas Rammernaut is bindable by the Blaster Mage Ring, Dreadnaut is not. Dreadnaut's concept is the melee tanker warrior who is impervious to binds. This is what makes him a menace. You can pray melee or you can pray range but his attacks are only partially blockable. The strategy here is much like fighting the Saradomin God Wars boss Zilyana. The "tanker" would be running while everyone else should rely on guerilla tactics with magic...or a hit-and-run pound weapon. *Dreadnaut's attacks are: - A melee pound. His pound attack has as much force as the Rammernaut charge attack. So a 4-hit all in 1 KO is possible. Praying melee reduces damage. - Whenever he melee pounds, it will cause the floor to warp and you may be hit by ranged particles. Praying range reduces the this attack. - In addition to the particles, his pounds can cause holes in the floor. Stepping on these will cause damage much like the green spots in Ballak's battle. =Hope Devourer== *(This boss also needs to be fixed...there is also an exploit which makes it easy. But I probably have the premise down for this in it's after-fix state) *The pinnacle of Behemoths. As a behemoth, it will be weakest to melee although unlike other behemoths, it has an equal weakness to magic. *The premise to this boss is that you don't want to be close to him. Hope Devourer is actually a mixed concept of multiple bosses. It will drain stats like the Cursebearer. It will cause damage if you pray like the Geomancer. The biggest weakness to hope devourer is that he is snare-able. So routinely snare, drink magic potions, and mage this boss to death. You can melee-slash him...but it's highly dangerous. *Hope Devourer attacks are: - A melee chomp. Prayable. - A breath-in attack. It is a hard to see distance attack but if he breathes in and you are using prayer, you will be hit very hard and cause the hope devourer to be stronger. - Throughout the boss battle, you will be in an affected by an Environmental Area of Effect stat drain. Not only will you lose 1 stat point in every stat per second, you will also be spammed in your chatbox with the message "You feel hopeless...." Feel free to let others know that you "feel hopless". ==WorldGorger== * (I only had him once so I will not comment on the strategy here, only the possible weaknesses. However, I will go off what others have said about this.) * As a stalker, he will be weakest to ranged but melee-stab is a weaker alternative. But in reality, his resistances shift depending on how often certain type of eyes are gorged. The vulnerability to range is his initial weakness. * Despite being weakest to ranged, you will most likely be in a team of meleers who would rather use bloodragers. The premise here is to "gorge" two of three combat eyes on the wall. Every player on the team should have a hybrid option here, one to use on the boss and the other on the eye. When all players agree on a "boss-style" attack, the secondary would be on the eye. To gorge an eye, mage the mage eye, range the range eye, or melee the melee eye. Worldgorger will then be subceptible to the attacks of the remaining eye until the gorged eyes reopen. It is noted that if you continue to gorge the same eye, Worldgorger will start building resistances to that style so it is best to switch around with what the remaining eye should be. *WorldGorger's attacks include: - (Not enough experience to complete this section) ==Warmonger== * (Never had him and probably never will have the time commitment to hit the dungeon level appropriate for him. So my info will be limited.) * He is the ultimate demon. As a demon, he will be weakest against magic attacks. You may use crush attacks if you need a weaker option. * (I'm not going to bother filling this out until I fight him.) *Warmonger's attacks are: - (I'm not going to bother filling this out until I fight him.)
  7. !Occult! ==Skeletal Trio== * A Team of skeletal combatants. As undead, you find magic to be most effective. This is because mages can accurately hit the ranger+meleer. Warriors will only hit accurately on the skeletal ranger whilst rangers will only hit accurately on the skeletal mage. In the end, you would want a balanced team but if you were in solo, having magical abilities helps the most here. * The premise of the skeletal trio is that they are the premier versions of all the combat triangle skeletal minions you have encountered in the dungeon. Rather than "zerging"/spamming you with lower class skeletal minions, you are faced with one version of the strongest type in each part of the combat triangle. No matter what class, you are, the skeletal mage is deadliest as it hits in the 500s at an accurate pace. So praying mage is a must. The skeletal ranger is also accurate but it hits at a field of 200s. Those wearing platebodies can resist this but magers will have a tough time here when you consider the defense department of equation. The skeletal meleer is highly inaccurate and slow but should still not be ignored. He hits in the 700s when he does hit. Entangles are recommended. * The Skeletal Trio attacks include: - The Skeletal Ranger will target players with it's highly accurate but lower hitting bow. Due to the current pattern of player choices in class, it's best to focus against this class first. His attacks are blockable if you choose range pray. - The Skeletal Mage will target players with it's accurate and decent hitting earth blast. If you have a hexhunter or your team make up consists of rangers, consider going at the mage first. His attacks are blockable if you choose mage pray. - The Skeletal Warrior will target players with it's slow and somewhat inaccurate 2hander style. This is the last combatant you should worry about. It is the least dangerous but if ignored, you will become a victim of his random draw super high hit factor. His attacks are blockable if praying melee but consider entangles as the best route. - Note that the trio will always pile on a single target. This combo factor increases their difficulty. * An alternative way to fight the trio is to have someone lure the three near the door so that the meleer would be blocked by the other two. ==Runebound Behemoth== * A typical behemoth with the exception that has been modified with impervious rune energies. These energies are represented by it's ability to pray all three styles. Although, you should switch according to the style that is turned off, Melee-slash has the best chance of hitting against him as he is the behemoth class. * Runebound behemoth is basically the perfect version of the kalphite queen in terms of multi prayer use. Not only is it invincible when all three prayers are on, you get to see the very cool logo associated with a triple pray. To deal with Runebound, you must tag one of the three combat triangle pillars around the room. Example: Tagging melee pillar will disable melee pray. The pray will reactivate faster than the pillar cooldown so consider tagging the other pillars in the meantime. It is important that at least one pillar is always off to avoid it's troublesome special attack. * Runebound's attacks include: - A melee chomp. Typical behemoth melee attack. Prayable with melee. - A orange mage ball attack. If you are at a distance and praying range, he will use this against you. - A spiny range attack. If you are at a distance and praying mage, he will use this against you. - His Special attack only activates at intervals of 10-15 seconds and only when all three prays are on. If you happen to be in the room and he yells "raaaaargh", teleport out immediately or run to reduce damage. He will spray an unprayable barrage of magical balls which can potentially hit you for a full 990 hp. ==Gravekeeper== * A ranger-class zombie. As a ranger, it is weak to melee-slash. But as a non-magical undead, it is equally weak to magic. * With all the skeletons floating around, Zombies need to be represented in the boss spectrum. Affirmative action? Anyways this boss is easy because you can teleport out of the dangerous "dig" phases but if you want a challenge, feel free to stay in the boss room during the entire fight. The strategy here is to hit from a distance or hit-and-run with melee. It will routinely "burn" with a ring of decay around himself during the fight. In it's dig phase, you must use prayer points to clear out the purple tombs. Otherwise, the resulting blast can damage you. I'm not sure if it's guaranteed but you will suffer a reduction in the defense stat regardless after it's dig phase. * Gravekeeper attacks include: - A melee swipe. Not sure if this is prayable because he performs this rarely and only in melee range. - An axe throw. This is a common attack and is partially blocked by prayer. It hits pretty hard though it is a singleway attack. This is one of those c6 large bosses where soloing is the most dangerous. - A "burn" attack. It will surround himself with a temporary ring of purple goo. Stepping on it will cause damage. ==Necrolord== * The boss of necromancers. As a mage-type, it is weakest to range. As an undead, it can be maged but with a lesser effect. Melee is completely nullifed in this battle. * Necrolord is basically the meleer's nightmare version of Saggitare. A wall of hands blocks the boss which forces players to choose range or mage as attack options. Player Mages can output heavier dps here but must rely on robes for accuracy. Rangers, on the otherhand, need only a bow. The necrolord will summon skeletal warrior pures to deal with you at certain intervals. These skeletons can block you and prevent you from distance attacking the necrolord. The easy way to resolve this is to teleport out and allow the skeletons to rot away. If you'd like to do it in the proper challenge way, you must switch to melee prayer and keep a clear line of sight in your attacks against the necrolord. *Necrolord's attacks include: - A Earth ball spell: This is a decent damaging spell but it is prayable. If there are no skeletal minions about, keep mage pray on. - A Entangle spell: This attack is unblockable, does decent damage, and it binds you. However, it does not home in so simply sidestep to avoid. - A Defense Weaken spell: This attack is unblockable, does decent damage, and loweres your defense. However, it does not home in so sidestep one as well. - Skeletal minions: The skeletal minions only have a swipe attack, but they hit very hard. You can pray melee against their attacks and it will only be reduced in the 10s-20s. If you do not pray, they can chop you down in a number of seconds as they are statted at high att/str with low def. I will do Flesh spoiler and Thunderous another day. Time running out.
  8. !Abandoned 2! ==ShadowForger== * A stalker that holds on to pillars with it's tentacles. As with all stalkers, it is weakest to ranged attacks. You may use melee-stab as weaker alternative. * The strategy here is to pray melee and keep close. The boss was designed so that those who hide or those who attack from a distance will be severely punished by it's green goop. The goop counts as "ranged" but it is unblockable. Thus it is necessary to attack up close with whatever style you choose. When it begins to glow, you must hide behind the pillar and then resume battle in melee range. * It's attacks consists of: - A "shake around" attack which counts as melee. - A orange ball attack which it charges up for a second before releasing. It is magical. - The green goop that spreads at farther distances. It counts as range but it is UNBLOCKABLE. - A black shadowy claw attack. Though this attack rarely happens as most people choose to Group gate stone out rather than hide behind a pilllar. You must stand for a long 10 seconds before Shadowforger decides to use this move. - A charged blast attack. If you do not hide behind the pillar in time, it will disorientate you, hit hard, and lower your stats. Magicians are the most punished by this attack. ==Ballak== * (Will fill this out later when I have time)
  9. !Furnished! (When I have time, I will fill this out. But the points I'd like to make here are:) - Rammernaut cannot be ensnared by normal means. He can be snared with the blaster mage ring. Thus the strategy here is using Blaster mage rings against Rammernaut. - One of stomp's attacks is shown as a slow moving thrown rock. This is unprayable but it is dodgeable. - Stomp is a behemoth trapped in a portal. Thus he is weak to melee-slash. - Saggitare is weak to melee-slash. His next tier in vulnerability would be ranged...but he can pray it. So the last alternative is mage but that is in his highest resistance. - Riftsplitter is weak to mage. Melee-pound is a weaker alternative. - Nightgazer is weak to range. Melee-stab is a weaker alternative.
  10. !Abandoned one! (I will do this section later. Things I would mention for fixing are:) - Skeletal horde has three types of skeletons types. But magic is the slightly better to use as it covers 2 of 3 types at a better damage per second rate. - Geomancer is weakest to range. Melee-stab is a weaker alternative. - Bulwark beast is weakest to melee-slash. Mages can by-pass the need to mine the beast but it is has some resistance to magic. - Cursebearer is weakest to range. Magic is a weaker alternative. If you absolutely must melee, use melee-stab. Also note that magic has the disadvantage of relying on the magic stat for it's use of the spellbook.
  11. Ok so there's a 45 second post limit...so I guess I'll just have to organize them by themes. =/ !Frozen! ==Gluttonous behemoth== *This is a behemoth class type boss. So it is weak against melee-slash attacks. *The general premise of this boss battle is to stand in between the boss and the corpse in order to prevent it from healing. *The attacks it uses consists of: - A melee attack - A white airball mage attack. - After 50% of it's health drops, it will go in to zerker mode and spam melee attacks to the most vulerable target in order to feed on the corpse. ==Astea Frostweb== *The typical Ice Barrage Mage was embodied in Astea. As with all mage classes, she is weak to range. If range is not an option, you can use melee-stab as a weaker alternative. *The premise here is to bring at least two different weapon styles. Mage-Range. Melee-Range. Etc. The best hybrid position against Astea would be Ranged with a melee stabbing weapon. Your prayer is dependent on your armor choice. If using melee armor, protect from mage. If using range or mage armor, protect from melee. *Her attacks consists of: - Ice Barrage - As a summoner, she will summon ice spiders. They will be treated as melee combatants. ==Icy Bones== *( I have not done a 5:5 large with the Icy Bones in a long time. It seems not many would care to since he now Complexity 1 Fodder. Nonetheless, I'll try to recall what he does.) * An Ice Troll with the capabilities to limit movement. Not quite sure what his weakness but I think it's mage. * The premise here is to pray melee and work with the obstacles. Although it can hit through melee prayer, melee pray protect against some of the damage. The boss was designed to limit the distance fighter's capability to outkite the opponent. * His attacks consists of: - A melee pound - A status freeze ==Luminous Icefiend== *An Icefiend with the abililty to shake stalagmites off the ceiling. Like Icy bones, he's not commonly C6'ed but I believe Icefiend is weak to melee-slash. *The premise here is to pray range. At certain hp intervals, it will become invincible and drop stalagmites from the ceiling. Although this cannot kill you, it will drop you to dangerously low hps which can cause you to be koed in the Icefiends normal attacks. *His attacks consists of - A range icicle - A mage frostball - The ceiling shake move as mentioned. The only way to avoid this is to constantly run around the room until he thaws out of his invincibility case. OK I WILL CONTINUE THE REST BUT I REALLY CAME ON HERE TO CORRECT THE INFORMATION ON THE "END-SKILL" BOSSES! I will update frozen floors at another time since most people C1 these bosses anyways.
  12. Ok so I've had a loooooong hiatus from Runescape. Dungeoneering had brought me back. That is the short story. Anyways, from time to time, I look at tip.it for information. Let's just say I'm not to thrilled with the boss portion as it is very melee biased. So as a person who started dg as a ranger and is now a t10 blitzing mager, I'd like to start submitting the corrections to this part of the skill. I know, I know. Pictures are nice. But I'm going to have to keep this text only as I am primarily posting strats. Now on to the reserves! One post per boss. (EDIT: guess not. One per theme type.) Generally speaking: - All behemoths are weak to melee-slash - All stalkers are weak to range - All demons are weak to mage The weaknesses of other bosses can usually be seen from the type of combatant they are. - Rangers like Saggitare and Blink are weak to melee-slash - Mages like Astea and Geomancer are weak to ranged - Meleers like Rammernaut and Dreadnaut are weak to mage - Undead types will have some vulnerabilities to magic even if they were classes against it. Necrolord and Gravekeeper are examples. - It's hard to tell what Gulega actually is since it is a Jad-type multiple user. But I confirm from experience that it's weak to range. Melee-stab is a less weakened option. - Most people don't c6 5:5 large frozen floors anymore. So I'm really not sure what Icybones and Icefiend is weak to. I just know that one of them is weak to mage and one of them is weak to melee-slash. But who is who? Fun Facts that have nothing to do with weaknesses. - All behemoths are equipped with trample. Except for Stomp as he is trapped within a portal. Tramples prevent you from "dancing" with the boss. This means you will take damage if you attempt to hide under it.
  13. My Channel is full of videos but I really don't want to spam up this thread so I'm only going to post my favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWXAXKAbEBk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb3dzyJNSBQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coNY1CP3DMQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3vo2a9xcd4 The rest of my videos can be found in my channel on my signature.
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    Favorite gun? Lance usual order of powerups? Backcannon Sidecannon Engine Shield most useful powerup? Pulse highest score? 3.8 million Highest game mode beaten on? Hard most hated enemy? None Most hated boss? None
  15. Dungeon Assault is heavily grind based. The effort you put in is the outcome that you take out. There are huge amounts of inactive accounts amongst the top 20k-60k players. Most dungeons are filled with rats so they are easy to loot. It doesn't matter what you bring but you can loot these dungeons and begin charging mass amounts of orbs as a result. I'm not a particular fan of the game but I do login occasionally for a raid. This is due to the fact that one of the achievements requires you to login once per week for an entire year. It's a very controversial achievement but it's probably the only way of keeping the game "alive" with players such as myself. Popular combinations of raiders are: Spy spy spy darkknight chaosknight witch witch witch Darkknight demonette demonette thief Personally, I just use orc shaman orc orc orc since all I do is spend 5 minutes a week to raid a random dungeon and reset my dungeon with a charged orb. My orb of war count is enough that orc shamans cost me only 20 gp to buy. The most dedicated players have nearly 100 orb of wars unlocked so practically any raider is free to use for them.
  16. People might say otherwise, but I'd keep it simple with Ape Atoll.
  17. Blackjacking is the best up till 91. However, if you can't double pick with every knock-out, you're probably better off just pyramid plundering
  18. Apparently, there is no funorb subsection yet there is Runescape and Mechscape. Anyhow, just letting you guys know Steel Sentinels have been released. F2P actually has some very lenient content open to them. Refer to my videos if you'd rather see some of the gameplay first.
  19. The last time I remember, I bought Yew logs at the GE and sold the bows back without any loss... This might not be the case nowadays but people buy the bows just so they can go alchemy crazy on them. The only reason why I don't have 99 fletching is because I have any incentive. I can't bother to check what "65 fletching" is capable of but if you can't fletch yews, expect a loss. Just fletch the best thing you can and use it for junk trades. Oh and since your doing the diary, you only need 75 fletching. Spicy Stew the rest of the levels. (Thereotically 74 is possible but I never got a +6 modifier)
  20. Cannon the task in the well with nosepeg and earmuffs. If you are worried about lagging, just equip a ring of life and a phoenix necklace. Sure you can probably still die... but running out of mage pray won't be an instant 1-2 ko. They still hit relatively low and the jewelry will save you. AND EVEN IF YOU STILL DIE, the death timer is now server specific. That means you can log out and log in and your grave will still be there counting down to it's destruction.
  21. The greater demons in brim can also be cannoned if you put it in the choke point center of all the demons. Make sure you bring a melee weapon to assist your cannon when the middle one spawns. As for every other mob, it's been covered above. I recommend just blocking hellhounds. They are overcrowded, their normal drops don't pay for cannonballs, and the slayer masters give way to many to kill.
  22. 80 is good. 90 Recommended. Feel free to do it at 99 if you really want... I would say to solo Sara only. Getting 10 boss kills is better pulling off only 1-2 at armadyl. (unless you willing to spend the money on stackable healing methods)
  23. Bronze knives are the fast+cheap exp method although I prefer Soul Wars and Cannonballs over that. Crystal bow is only for dueling type pvp settings when a farcasting mage attacks you. Rune xbow pretty much outclasses this weapon except for distance attacks. Rune xbow+ broadbolts are for casual pvp settings (like soul wars or castle wars) and facing against tough non-boss monsters.
  24. A lot of today's popular fast training methods for melee have modifiers that enhance accuracy. With that said, you don't really have to worry about Attack. Defense is also not important although it does make you last longer. Strength is really the #1 skill to train first but since the whip+defender combo doesn't have that option, you probably are better off just doing controlled...if you can stand it.
  25. Assuming this was a slayer task, I find that I kill aquanites faster with Rune Xbow + Broadbolts over a whip. Aquanites can take their toll on your hp and prayer unless you pray flash and have a reliable method of endurance healing (Guthans, E. Excalibur, Purple sweets, Bunyip, etc). With that said I'd say 250 should be about 3 hours.
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