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  1. Ulysses

    Diablo III

    You have a point in the potentials of MF; especially since t6 is not a challenge for most players, stacking MF and losing a few % of CDR and eDPS isn't really a problem. In the end it's probably difference in perspective and attitude. I just find that rushing through rifts (usually without leorics and topaz socketed in helm) the more efficient way of getting legs. Especially considering leg rate boost relative to MF is only 1:10. In an experienced party, more CDR benefit more almost all the time (damage and movement) - drop sentry (in a confined room scenario, you barely have time to drop 1 before you move to another), dash more often, more wormholes, and etc.; for some gearing/builds you also take out the need for RORG, allowing for a gg set ring (like Endless Walk combo)/SOJ/Unity or even a gg Nagelring. Two sides of a coin.
  2. Just some news on ESO for anyone interested. Console coming on June 9th. Source: http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/2015/01/21/eso-heads-to-consoles-june-9th ESO-Tamriel Unlimited - core game being re-launched on March 17th. New system: You pay for core game, then you can play without subscription fee. You can opt to pay for individual additional contents (called DLCs) to play in, or to pay a lump sum monthly fee to get access to all of them. Very similar to the GW2 system. Source: http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/2015/01/21/your-guide-to-eso-plus-premium-membership Update 1.6 consisting of the first part of the Champion System and Justice System, new provisioning mechanics and class and skill re-balance and some smaller tweaks is now up on PTS. Expected to go live in 6 weeks, coinciding with the ESO re-launch.
  3. Ulysses

    Diablo III

    not sure about console but on PC, MF is next to useless in my experience. 2.1.2 bought higher 'rare leg' rates as well. I'd rather having the old rate, the feeling of a leg drop used to be great; now it's like 'oh great..more mats', then it gets decon straight away. 2.1.2 is does fairly well to rectify some existing problems with D3. The end game is still very dull and barring maybe high 40s GR not very challenging. If you are at that stage, I highly recommend moving to PoE if you haven't already done so. It's the more hardcore and darker alternative in the ARPG genre; the end-game is much less monotonous, the community is much more vibrant and the skill tree is..well see for yourself.
  4. 10 days until FIFA 15. I wonder what the background soundtrack for the Donbass Arena will be. ESO; waiting for 1.4..probably coming next week.
  5. Ulysses

    Diablo III

    Well, when 2.1 rolls on to console, t6 will seem like a walk in the park. The utility of monks (slow, stun, pull and etc.) is very well respected among the group I usually run with, especially on G36 upwards. So it could be handy to have a decent monk around for those GRifts should you find that you can't survive with a Jade WD. Of course I am not familiar with the scenes of console D3, but I'd imagine it wouldn't stray too far from that.
  6. I think so as well. IMO it is a good move by him (career-wise, given the state of the game when he took over, and the Present), and good for the company as well (for the same reason more or less). Got to give MMG credit for acknowledging that he and his team have made multiple mistakes over the years (I am sure nobody would disagree on this). Whether things could have gone better does not matter anymore; damage has been done, game has arguably been tarnished. Could the new team rectify the problems? Probably not in the foreseeable future. In the discussion from a few months ago about the 200 --> 138, game decline, power to player and etc., I have mentioned that it was not entirely their fault for the perceived decline of the game. Time has changed; people move on. Perhaps it is time for newer ideas and a 'fresh face' CEO to come in and revitalise the game and its community. It is certainly going to be a tough job for the new team. Either way, wish MMG all the best and pray for the gamers/audience for whatever project he is engaging in next.
  7. He gambled on De Jong and it backfired. The formation is built to not concede and to break on counter. Argentina played very cautiously and conservatively - which left no room for any wingers/Robben to run into. Higuain found a few gaps due to positional error on the left - including that incorrect offside call later in normal time. Irrespective of what changes LVG makes, it would not have made a difference to the scoreline on the Dutch side. There's also a limitation to the movement of players out of their position, given the solo potential of Messi - we could see that in the Brazil game, without this 'burden', everything was back to normal, of course, not helped by the still stunned Brazil side. This is a meaningless game nonetheless, as LVG have said, it should have been abolished long ago. Hope this raises the profile of the Eredivisie. Perhaps someday I won't be ridiculed as much for following the league or for saying things like x team should get De Vrij. slightly off topic.., ~75m is quite a bit less than what I expected. He is a much better player than Bale even with his discipline problems. For a players who has played for Ajax, the Barca style should be like second nature. It's just down to how Enrique fits him in with Neymar and Messi in October. Of course, it could also turn out like Ibra, who unsurprisingly has also played for Ajax.
  8. Legacy combat is frankly a step backwards, as is 138 and all that. It appears they lack the idea or drive to move on from their past mistakes. I have no idea how the poll gathered 80% support, perhaps a decision made simply on the basis of a Yes/No poll is appropriate. I would personally applaud them if they come up with something new, for better or worse, as opposed to reverting back or drawing old ideas. Given the post above depicting the quick poll on how likely people will use Legacy Combat, it may just represent another failure on the developer's part - whether that's because people think Legacy isn't ready for launch, not appropriate for the game at this stage or that they were among the 20%. Given what I understand about the changes that will be bought on by the Legacy Combat and associated update, there isn't really anything worthwhile to motivate OSRS players (who were only really opposed to EoC rather than the entire post 07 evolution) to return to the live game; for on/off players, one or two weeks is probably most they will spend before their self-imposed exiles. As things stand, I am excited to see what effect (if any) the Legacy combat update will bring to the game, happy for people who were anticipating its implementation and sympathetic with those who are against its inception.
  9. Aerial (2005) by Kate Bush. Found this in my archive a little while ago, very nice if you are into the semi-prog/art rock songs. Well worth the money.
  10. Another step towards that 1974... I guess Neymar can feel a little better now knowing that he didn't really miss out on the final. Klose, that was very professional, the way he responded in the post-match interview. The death of Di Stefano (RIP my 2nd favourite player), might fire up some of the Argentines. Also, Di Maria will be a big loss. Dutch were not particularly convincing judging by their performance against Costa Rica, regardless of how well you rated the Krul penalties. They can do without RVP, but definitely not without Kuyt. What they say about Feyenoord and total football, Kuyt really did prove them wrong.
  11. As mentioned above, hand cannon if you have done the quest, it requires lvl 75 ranged. Otherwise, I would suggest skipping the task. The crossbow is fitting for a level 80 requirement, fairly cheap to purchase (cheaper than all other equal and higher level alternatives) and repair, but could be difficult to assemble depending on your combat ability and levels. Whether that's any good is entirely up for you to decide.
  12. I hate to spoil the feel-good atmosphere around the potential of the USA team, but they have a long way to go before even replacing any one of the historic top 8...decades. I have rewatched all of the round 16 games, imo they were the most outplayed team (regardless of what the scoreline suggests) out of the 16. I do appreciate all the internet memes and applauds on Howard though, very amusing...the Wikipedia one is a personal favourite. I agree with @BloodAngel, that they are too reliant on Neymar and attacks driven from the wings. They are also lacking adequate midfield support in the final 1/3. France is showing what a strong team it can be if they don't rebel and fight among themselves...one can only wonder what could have happened in 2010 - though traditionally it's the Netherlands who fight..some sort of Ajax/Cruijff-esque theorist vs BVM/LVG pragmatist, like the rumoured Sneijder vs RVP in qualifying.
  13. Seems like some are converging on my prediction some weeks ago. But I do hope for a different outcome this time around. That said, it is becoming an increasingly remote possibility; I cannot see the Oranje going through without De Jong and possibly Fer. And even if Germany win against France, they will struggle vs either Brazil or Columbia. While I respect Hitzfeld with his approach to this WC and the Argentina game, there are some serious questions with regards to decision to substitute Drmic and bench Barnetta. Keeping a clean sheet vs Argentina for 117 minutes in round-16 is remarkable for an overachieving Swiss side nonetheless. I read about the FIFA panel considering the possibility of a 4th sub for extra time starting from WC2018. Thoughts?
  14. I actually think that LFC should stick by him like they did with the Ivanovic and Evra incidents. One rationale for doing so is that he is their key player and with all the speculations on potential transfer, issuing their own punishment just gives him a reason to move - something that LFC cannot recover from (much like Tottenham last season, regardless of how much they receive). With LVG at ManU, this will probably send LFC back into Oblivion. Especially if Uruguay FA decides to back him later on today, there's no reason for LFC to punish him. Any punishment is likely to be handed down via FIFA and only enforced domestically by the English FA if they are mandated. 12 months might be something they would work off, realistically that means 10-15 games. Any publicity can become good publicity - I'm sure there are still plenty of clubs who would want him in their team. Just think of him like other troubled stars in the football circle and beyond.
  15. The multi-million dollar question we should ask is 'how would one build a case to defend Suarez?'. Often, it's easy to victimise the offender for a certain offense based on crude assumptions and some level of prior information; but we very rarely consider the opposing case. I'm not saying that such behaviour is justified on any level, but an analytic treatment is worthwhile. We know that FIFA isn't going to do that because they are (..), and run things straight off their rulebook on top of whatever (...) certain powerbrokers within receive and try to make it look legit. So, consider that as a conundrum. I have an impression that he could only be suspended for International games. It is unreasonable for the local FAs to issue punishment for offense committed outside of their jurisdiction, but FIFA might have some power over what suspension they issue are to be enforced by certain members in games played under their jurisdiction .But I haven't read the FIFA rules recently, so someone else might want to double check on that. On another note, Cassano should have started. Di Natale should have been selected (let him retire after the World Cup). Also, Sweden would have done better than Portugal - don't you think?
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