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Finlandboy92's p2p pvp video #1 (Barrow pure 99 str)

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Hey! I've been inactive in rs for some time and i found out that new bh was launched and i started pking. I got alot kills and i decided to make vid.




VID includes clips from old bh, new bh and pvp worlds. It has some spectacular ko's and high whip combos and dds hits! Loot is ok too, not super loots but i think the loot is good. I tried to smite when i could but i havent got any whips yet :(. Video is surely worth watching!




Stats during the vid:




Att 87


STR 99


DEF 70 (Barrows gloves, torso, fcape)


Magic 90 (Venge)




My gears change alot in this vid, but it mainly has about 110 str bonuses :D.




I used musics i like and the editing matches musics well so you should download the original version, but for lazy people i have youtube version too. Another clip has music changes though because of copyrights.




Download links


Megaupload (BEST)






Comments please :D

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Downloaded it and it was worth it I'd say, even though it took 1 hour+ to download.(bad host I guess, usually would take 5 mins)




It's cool to still see pk vids which aren't all D claws and AGS....it's like watching vids back from the days there were no torsos....


Good and non overused music too, especially liked the second to last song....

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