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low lvl F2P for PK fun


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I will not be putting a lot of time into this little F2P I just want to have an edge in PKing since I really can not PK with my main, as a result I have little experience with PK and strategies.


So far I have:


Att: 20


Str: 37




Pray: 1


Range: 40


Magic: 35


HP: 35


Combat lvl: 28




I plan to get range to 40asap for green-dhide chaps, Yeah, got it!


And then put str up to 40ish and I'll be combat lvl29




I doubt I will have the patience to train above lvl 50 in any stat, I'm looking for an optimum win ratio for a given combat lvl. What skill if any should be higher before I start risking food and gear.




Looking for some advice on at which point I will have an advantage over the general population so I can get my own skill level up PKing. Any general help appreciated. Should I range/2h (both max hit 8 :oops: ) at this low lvl or stick with mith scimmy, should I just go range and forget str to keep hp lower, are addy arrows worth it or should I just wear them down with steel and use good food.




Also places, with the whole hot zone setup, and bh worlds, what to risk and where I'm uncertain how to proceed (does anyone). bh worlds I'll want to stay in low wildy'cuz of my low lvl I'll get ownd by anyone at higher wildy and in low wildy prey always run safe. On pvp places like varock, same problem with safe zones. I've had better luck roaming around far from safe zones on pvp worlds, but hard to find combat. Any comments on this?




I am sorry I am sure all this has probably been asked before. I have read a goodly number of posts to get a general feel... but I figured no harm in asking. (wow sorry my post seems to have gotten kind of long)






Edited. New lvls. Going to go give it a try tonight. Maybe there is a beginner guide somewhere??

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Mage wins in F2P up to level 38ish. You ought to train your mage to 59 asap and pk with it til your poor




Then train your range to 70, and strength to 70 and pk using range/R2H oh wait you cant train that high oh well just do mage then.

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Usually when my pure goes out to wildy, she'll hold a bow with addy arrows, have 10-50 casts of fire blast ready, and a rune 2h as well. 3-way-pk ;)




I would keep your HP around your CB level, so if you do decide to train magic, try to do non-damage spells, like cursing.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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