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Looking for duo partner for bando's gwd.

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http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscoreper ... alilranger






my stats, I need someone to be a tank, we'll have coinshare on and split all the drops down the middle.




Pm me in game im currently online :D

Unless your RSN is "imalil[bleep]er", please keep the title appropriate.


Thank you.

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hello I'm mic from Bloodshed Empire we are a very active 90+ clan that has many events during the week.








event: kbd gwd clan war pk trips and much more!


so try out bloodshed :P


oh and the secret of us is that we are the best clan of the world!


stop by when you have time we will be more then happy to see you :) :thumbup:



hi der :)

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but I doubt you can even get into a team.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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