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Let's Talk About The Small Bugs

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So there's tons of small, little bugs in Runescape. Little things that may not effect the game adversely or at all, but you still want to mention after sending in a bug report or chuckling and moving on. Well, instead of taking up a million topics about the small things, just bring them here and we'll have a nice little anthology to discuss, eh?


















My little bug is that in World 121, Neite (Bob the Cat's catfriend) has been stuck behind the fortifications outside Falador near the east side of the south entrance. She's been there for the past few days with no Bob in sight. I didn't bother reporting it because it's probably going to be fixed on the next server update or when Bob comes around again, but I get a chuckle out of passing it by on my farming runs.

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I've said this before, and at the time, done it for the fun of it. Even argued with a Player mod as to why it was not bug abuse by Jagex's definition.




With the Varrock and Museum update, a small bug arose. This bug was in a house infront of the Varrock Museum, when you opened the door, it would cover the wall. When you closed it, you could walk through the wall.




This bug offered no advantages, upstairs in the house was nothing important, it was just a fun little bug.




It was solved when they put a plant on the other side of the wall.


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