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Demon Slayer for Skiller?


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Catching up on some quests at the moment (boredom killer from skilling) and was curious, do you actually hit Delrith and gain combat/hp experience, or is it just one of those "in-game" moments that seems like the battle is taking place?

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That's what confuses me. It says 7 but it notes:




"Killing this demon is the climax of the Demon Slayer quest. You will find the Silverlight sword you found very useful in weakening it, which turns Delrith into a level one Weakened Delrith when he is attacked with it. The weakened Delrith must be sent down a vortex by using the incantation given by the Gypsy. Weakened Delrith is nonmembers, and has no hit points."




Perhaps it's so simple that it's confusing to me .. don't know. Does this mean I have to do atleast 7 damage to defeat him? Or if that 7hp just in regards to if you attack him with a normal weapon?

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