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Masters of Dragons vs Godz - Fullout war


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Masters of Dragons vs Gods of Destruction!!!




Mod has hit it's biggest slump to date. Quite obviously, hence why we have been unheard of for the last 4 months. But now, I am very proud to be posting our first win since then, and the first win under my leadership of the clan.




Godz approached me last week regarding a war for Sunday. We accepted a fullout in cwa bounds.




Starting attendance:








Up untill now our activity has been ever so slightly improving, thanks to the effort put in by all of our members and an extended effort to recruit. We pulled 36 people to GODZ's 25 people today.




We started the war off very sloppy with a few koes on our side, Godz kept it kill for kill for the first 6 kills or so when we took charge completely and didn't look back at all. Our binding was really amazing today, but ofcourse our numbers won this for us.




Ending picture:






Goodfight GODZ, it was very enjoyable. And to Mod, be proud guys, we really are getting out of this slump! Thank you all that attended!

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