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is a merch clan or me causing the rise in "ITEM"


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i recently found a way to make 100k on the grand exchange buying "item" for mid at ge, and selling for max every 2-3 hours, however the max has gone up by 9gp in the past day (in small increments, bit by bit) so i'm scared the item may have been targetted by a merch clan. ("item" costs between 400 and 500 gp)




I have bought/sold around 15000 in the time frame above, would it be enough for me to have raised the max?

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lol well sell all your "items" before the supposed merch clan dumps. Or if you wanna be super sneaky just visit all the big merch cc's such as smokin mils, chessy018, I D L E (dont know if they are still alive) and then merch their item for a quick turn around that's how i was making money for a while

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