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  1. Yea i have also heard that it takes about 20ish hours. at 127 combat you could probably make around 2m an hour boss hunting, so maybe you would be better off doing that and trying to buy it from someone else? Just my 2 cents
  2. I think this is because everyone wants the xp, rather than just give it to the historian. I wonder if anyone has even done this yet.
  3. this might help http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculators/High_alchemy
  4. yay mine too i think it's fixed
  5. Me too.. I hate FM now (I can't talk). Can't you not talk while Firemaking anyway...? It's pretty click intensive. *hint hint* Bot *hint hint* Lies! no one in runescape has ever used a bot to do menial tasks like fm.... ever
  6. What clan chat problem? or are you talking about how it is currently broken
  7. Hmm well I think I'm going to cruise the forums in case anything major happens.... like a rollback of somesort
  8. Ok I'm 83 rc, and I was wondering what was a better profit (in general) astral runes (using lunar teleport to get back to bank) or death runes via abyss.
  9. Your max hit with dharoks is like 100. Your iron titan's max hit is like 20. If the monkey is at 20 life left, if you let the iron titan finish it, you don't really "waste" much xp. But if you hit it with your axe, you give up 80 damage (320 xp) that you could have had if you whacked a fresh monkey. oh ok, I thought it had something to do with the monkeys bursting into flames if you didn't attack them soon enough. But that loss of xp makes sense. Thanks to everyone who posted.
  10. Thanks for the great guide, but why do you want to just mostly kill the monkeys, and then let something else finish it?
  11. Thanks for the reply, do you know if the technique is to just stand where chinners stand to avoid getting hit by falling rocks?
  12. 1) Well I was thinking that Dharoks with salve(e) at monkey skeletons might be good for melee combat. Is this a good idea? I haven't had time to try this yet, has anyone else tried to train here? Especially with multi combat zone, I was thinking that you could use a combat familiar to further increase xp. 2) I also wanted to know if monkey skeletons ever become non-aggressive.
  13. Well the usefulness of the ZMI altar is completely based on if you prefer best xp (ZMI altar) or best profit, because ZMI is the fastest xp, without question and is also probably the worst (maybe) source of income from runecrafting.
  14. Well not to belittle your achievements, but compared to waiting for another 2 years of only quick chat communicating, i would say that the couple of days spent re-gaining those levels is well worth it. If the gold is what you are worrying about, collect chicken feathers, and you will have double that amount in no time.
  15. Way back when I was still f2p, the cows near the crafting guild should be empty, not sure if they still are, I just remember that the ones near lummy were always full, but the ones south west of fally were empty.
  16. If you are willing to risk it, the wildy rock is usually the one that has the least amount of players mining it. But do not confuse least with none. All runite rocks are almost always "empty" because there are a lot of runite miners out there. Don't try the one in the champion's guild, that usually has a camper waiting for them to respawn. Honestly I tried this, and if you are only doing this for the money, there are much better ways.
  17. I thought that rocktails were good after like 93ish, though I don't remember.
  18. http://forum.tip.it/topic/72654-the-fight-caves/ try to take a look in the archive of wisdom before you ask, there is a guide there for almost everything
  19. If you are only doing it for the quest, you could probably single handedly win a beginner game, even if the rest of the boat is complete noobs. Just attack portals and you will win.
  20. Is that sheet assuming lvl 99 rc? Becuase I honestly don't think those lvls of items/hour is correct. Or maybe I just don't understand your layout.
  21. Yes rouge is a black hole of buying power, unfortunately he used to buy things at the min ge price, but merch clans abused that, and so now he only buys at low?/high alch price
  22. The biggest money making skill in the long run is probably runecrafting. Although it's money making powers don't really start being apparent until higher lvls. But certainly runecrafting is the most profitable non cb skill. (or maybe magic with super glass make since you can start gaining a lot of money earlier, but at 91 rc you have the highest skilling income)
  23. Macaw will automatically forage for jewelery i think but in any case it is automatic.And you do not need scrolls. You just summon it, and it will forage things while you are fishing/cooking/skilling
  24. If you want only income, then the above works, but if you are after strictly fastest rc xp, then ZMI altar is the way to go.
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