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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Would someone explain which RuneScape site the second article refers to with: "When logging into the RuneScape site (not the game itself), the link should begin with "https:", not "http:"."
  3. On this account, nothing. I haven't been inside a dungeon at all. On the other account, prom plate, poisoned prom arrows and poisoned prom spear.
  4. IRL doesn't matter since I can get a phat every Xmas. :P In game, hells yeah, especially a green one.
  5. If it's something to which I have to be attentive (agility, mining), I only do it for little bits (30 mins), then take a break. For things like fishing, cooking, smithing, I read a book or check forums in separate window.
  6. Back to leaving level 3 clues on the ground.
  7. Free trade I don't care one way or the other about it. The "old" Wilderness, otoh, I don't want back and here's my reason: I never died to a PKer who *wasn't* looking for an easy kill. I know I'm risking death out there and that's fine. I accepted it, took only minimum clue items (lined up ready to drop when attacked) or a knife if I was running agility. PKers looking for a actual fight never found me; always the ones who wanted to kill someone for the sake of killing.
  8. It's a pity that he'll dodge the questions people really want answers to, like: "WTF was going on in your head to give the okay for such a poorly implemented, ballot stuffing poll? Who did you put in charge of that thing, a Sequoia voting maching?!?!"
  9. You can't vote 'no'. Yes, but if you read it, they will count all the people who didn't vote as a "No", which is not good at all...I'm scared You do realize anyone can put anyone's account name down and click the vote button?
  10. Could you stop that because it's only making the botting population explode. :thumbdown: I won't vote because I don't want "the old" Wilderness back.
  11. The number of people I saw wanting to know how to get the heim crab off the santa hat... :rolleyes: Seal sliding puzzle was a pain because of the slow response of the controls, but I got through just before I went into a nerdrage. :lol: I liked being able to meet up with fellow Fremmeniks who remembered me (ex memb accounts).
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