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Dep's blog! - 2 KBD heads in the first 3 solo kills EVER?!

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Hi. :) You can call me Lawny. I'm 19 and I'm Australian! I've led a pretty interesting life. I've worked as:




A musician.


A security guard.


A personal trainer/youth worker.


A McDonalds manager.




I currently make my living playing football. Before I got promoted, I also played basketball.


I don't really get spare time. But what I get left, I like playing Steam games, making music and hanging out at the pub.






My main accounts name is Depresins. Very silly. The story behind it is I was attempting to type Depressingscoobied, but the pc lagged and I was too lazy to change it. I've been playing since mid 01'. No, I will not argue with you, you don't have to believe me. I mainly used to play RS for the social aspect, which explains my low stats. I took about a year off in 07/08 because of work commitments and when I came back, most of the oldies were gone. Now I play for an hour or so whenever I can fit it in. I've never been banned, muted or punished in any way. Feel free to add me in-game, I'm always up for a friendly chat or a debate!







As of 2/6/2009:




(Picture to come!)




Current stats:








I currently plan to spend a bit of time farming then get all combat stats 80+. In between farming runs I plan to solo the KBD/Giant Mole/KQ. No, it's not very efficient, but it is fun! Once I have all combat stats 80+, I plan on replacing my fire capes and void ranger set.






Here are my drops. Don't expect this to grow fast, as I don't play often! I will include the total value of my slayer tasks rather than each individual drop.




[hide=KBD]1) KBD HEADS!, 4 Crimson, Air runes


2) Addy platebody, 4 crimson


3) KBD HEADS! 4 Crimson, fire runes


4) 690 iron arrows, 4 Crimson


Yes, I have pictures of the heads. They are 10 minutes apart, because my internet crashed halfway through the 3rd kill and I had to go get more food! I'll upload pictures it once I recharge my internet.[/hide]




I'm still working on the blog format, I'll be done soonish!

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haha well I'll admit the last thing on my mind was a KBD head, let alone 2! Naturally I had all these dreams of a visage. I think they'll stay just that :) Thanks for posting!

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