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  1. Hey man, what happened to you? I miss your input.

  2. depresins


    You are a moron. I will not call you sir, because that's a sign of respect and you clearly don't deserve any. The reason you start [cabbage] like this is because you feel it's an easy target. If I'm lying, I can't prove it. If I'm telling the truth, I can't prove it without getting myself in trouble as you should know if you read the papers. If at the age of 19 you can't comprehend how somebody can possibly work full time, while doing volunteer work, studying part time and own/run a business that requires a total of 5 hours work a week then you are going to struggle in life. I pity you.
  3. Things such as randoms words or quotes in foreign languages, tribal designs, band names, southern cross tattoos or tattoos totally out of proportion with the justification (ie, I have english ancestory, therefore I'll get a knight with a shield and sword tattooed across my entire back) generally just attract insults from me. I have a couple of tattoos, 2 of which were for bets. Probably won't get anymore. The best advice I could offer is to get them in places easy to cover. What you might think is great now can really change your life a few years down the track.
  4. Yeah boi. [hide] [/hide]
  5. [i don't see the issue if they don't disrupt other people (in high school). If the kid doesn't want to do work in class, I don't care, just don't bother anybody else who DOES. My favourite teacher in year 7 stressed this point and I still agree with him to this day. If a kid wants to sit in a corner and play PSP or talk on his mobile during break times, let him, as long as his family accepts the school is not responsible for it in any way. At my old high school, they were banned as were games systems, mp3 players, etc. Partially because they disrupted class and partially because they'd often get broken and parents would disagree who was responsible for replacing it. Back when I was at high school I had a medical and professional requirement to keep a mobile on me at all times which led to a number of conflicts with teachers. It was even brought about my first suspension! I also had to listen to the lectures from my university unit on an mp3 player during my free periods which caused even more problems.
  6. depresins


    I've been involved as a drug & youth volunteer for nearly 6 years now and the people who say "It doesn't cause me any problems" are just about the worst cases. While this sounds terrible for a worker to say, I rarely couldn't care less if people do drugs. What bothers me is when their drug habits cause trouble for other people. If a bunch of guys want to sit in their lounge room and smoke pot or inject heroin all day, go for it, no skin off my nose. If they want to go to a nightclub, take googs, start fights and harrass people then that's not on. In a handyman/landscaping business I own/run, I have 3 employees that are addicted to illicit drugs. It doesn't affect their work or their relationships so I have no issue with them working for me and most of my clients feel the exact same way. Oh, I very rarely drink, don't smoke and I don't even go near caffeine. I get drug tested on average every 2 weeks between booze buses, work and doctors plus I have a heart condition. It wouldn't be very smart for me to touch anything.
  7. My roommate uses that. Is it just me or does it have a strange texture to it?
  8. I'm sorry you failed to clarify in your OP that the topic was ONLY about whey based protein sources and not about what we buy to get our protein. When I'm provided with protein supplements it is some form of whey protein hydrolysate that tastes like rubbish but it allegedly has the best bioavailability of the lot.
  9. Another media sheep. Those muslim neighbours you like? That christian who has a friendly chat to you? THEY are the rebels. Not the other way around. Read some religious text. Religious extremism is GOOD for the majority of the population.
  10. It doesn't always cause joint trouble. Its more on a case by case basis. I have 5 or 6 friends all 200cm+ and over 100kg who run at least 30km a week and play a high impact sport and only 1 of them has any joint trouble. It's his shoulders :thumbup: You probably need more rest. Get rid of the bike ride on your gym days. Even replace your biking with medium intensity walking, it'll be of more use to you training for a specific event
  11. The only real "advantages" are you obviously don't get overheated and you don't need icepacks after! :thumbsup:
  12. this isn't a supps vs diet debate.. Nice one mate. That's exactly what I buy for protein. A balanced diet package from my local health food/supplement store.
  13. Clans only impact upon the people active in them. They make little to no positive difference to the gaming experience of other people. Lately the updates have been catering towards not the majority, but those with the loudest voices. I agree with Me_Hate_Libs on just about every topic. This one is no different. I consider her the voice of the mature-minded player.
  14. I have an ice bath, then get a massage with hot stones and sit in the sauna for a while.
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