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Some questions


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As you all know i have quite a love for slayer and have gotten back into it after a few weeks skilling. So everything was going ok i've done 8 tasks from duradel so far in 3 days. However! I've hit a brick wall :wall:




the problem is this:


1. How do i unlock wherever they are?


2. Do i have to have Karils(sp?) to fight them?


3. What is the best set up?


4. What is the best inventory?


5. how many times will i have to bank to go through 156?


and finally 6. Will i profit off them?






Ok so that's the first part of my questions over...... the second is this:


On the advice of Drazhar44 and monkeychee1 I've decided to get my fail of a range level to 70 by killing aviansies.


I've taken a look and the rough HP they have is from 70-80 (i put the 80HP into the calc) and therefore i'll need to kill roughly 506-578 of them to get 70 range (and i'll also get 81 HP - win :thumbsup: ) so i was wondering:


1. Is my set up good enough?




Head: Sara Mitre


Body: Red D'hide


Legs: Monks Robes


Boots: Snakeskin


Cape: Ava's accumulator


Bolt slot: 4K broad bolts


Gloves: Rune (from rfd)


Pendent: Fury


Ring: Life


Shield: Unholy book


Weapon: Rune X-bow




2. If no; what is?




3. Is my inventory good enough?




1 super restore (entrance to gwd and use as prayer pot after)


1 emergency monkfish


1 home tele tab


climbing boots (can be dropped)


200 nats


fire staff


1 addy bar noted (placeholder)


1gp (placeholder)


1 ranging potion


rest is prayer pots




4. if not, what is a good set up?




5. How much profit should i expect off them?




and finally:


6. How long and how many trips do you think i'll have to make to get my 500+ kc?





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1. Barbarian training. Its a very simple minigame/quest


2. With your stats yes. Anything else is going to make your trips too short.


3. With your stats karils top/bottoms, god cape or cloak, z spear or ss and the normal gear.


4. 5 prayer pots, 2 super sets, 2 void spinner pouches and pineapple pizzas.


5. 2 maybe 3 times if its your first time.


6. If its a slayer task the extra damage should allow for a small profit.




1. If your praying full monk robes and a stole to reduce the costs.


2. You could tank at your levels pretty well so thats another option, but see above.


3. Take 5 range potions, 1 super restore isn't a bad idea, but make it 1 dose so that you have an extra space for alchables.


4. See above.




EDIT missed the last 2




5. 300 to 325k per hour if your praying.


6. Should last about 3 hours per trip with just over 100 kc per hour so with banking about 5 hours. You'll only need to bank once.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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