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  1. At my stats I can get about 30 rexes per hour, maybe closer to 35 with your stats. Prime is always the slowest king which is why I always duo hybrid when I can. For pure money nothing beats solo'ing rex. I got roughly 1 item every hour and 30 minutes with all the drops being roughly equal in rarity. Which works out at roughly 4.6m per 3 hours if you don't include any other drops. Since you have pack yak you get atleast 500k per hour from banking the hides and bones. Add that 500k to (4.6/3) you get about 2m per hour. Of course you can have dry trips as well as epic trips (I've had about 4 10m+ trips with less then 3 hours in there). Your not going to get close to that from any of the other kings. With rex you'll use about 500 casts per hour at the most (due to your stats) which is peanuts even with the most expensive spells.
  2. Because MA was failed from the start. Only being able to select a single unit in a RTS is terrible. Add the fact there are only 6 units in total. Then they tried to fix it but the limits of the engine (1 unit at a time) can never go away. So in the end it keeps getting worse and worse while they try to fix it. Personally I don't see why they didn't just make it into RuneScape chess. I mean a pure and simple game of chess with RS characters. Maybe add a little cutscene when a piece is taken.
  3. Personally I like your motivation. It was making simple games which got me into coding in the first place. Don't aim for web based games its much easier to start with non-web based language. I'm sure someone will say otherwise, but its a lot easier to start learning the basics with something like vb or python which doesn't require any other language to make basic dynamic content. Web coding requires the use of 2+ markup languages (html and css being the base) then a client side and/or a server side language. On top of this you'll want to add a a database of some sort into the mix too. Which is all a lot to take in when your just learning the basic concepts. http://www.tizag.com http://www.w3schools.com ^2 of the best sites to learn from.
  4. Scary I had the exact same amount of brews left when I killed him a few days ago.
  5. Terrible outfit. Use veracs, dragon boots don't protect against range and have magic negatives and mystic gloves are bad just use the best rfd gloves you have. You can pot to 80 in order to use CoG as you only need 80 to charge. Charge lasts about 6 minutes so take 10 doses of magic potion per hour you plan to be there. Last time I checked hexcrest/slayer helm had no effect on the damage you do to rex though.
  6. Yes 1 maybe 2 kills per trip.
  7. Excluding about 3 of them theres little reason not to do them all. I loved doing the quest lines you've yet to complete both the goblin and the myergue quests really build up a nice story.
  8. Seaslug sequel anyone? A direct fishing update seems too easy to guess at. Plus we already had a big fishing update (living rocks) as well as a small one (the skilling rocks). Guild is a possiblity, but sea slug would be better IMO.
  9. Only requirement you can boost to is the magic one. All other requirements have to be met.
  10. I'd stick with brews, yes you have to remember to restore after every few does, but the sheer amount of healing per slot makes up for it. I did the fight on my first try following that guide and you need the neitz to allow the kyatt to mass spam the boss.
  11. If your careful when entering the lair and stand close enough to the ladder rex won't attack you until you move into his range. If he attacks you as soon as you enter go up the ladder wait a few seconds then try again. It saves a lot of food and hassle.
  12. Only solo tribrid if you have them for a slayer task with the full slayer helm otherwise you'll have issues killing them all quick enough.
  13. 1. About 80% of the room ever since the last RT update. So its pretty hard to hide. 2. Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it as you'd need both specs to hit really. Its viable to do it once in a while, but I wouldn't do it all the time. 3. Not been for about 1 month so I can't say. Really its best to try to only get 1 king on you at a time as its can eat your food like crazy/
  14. I don't see it as silly at all. 99 magic, would put him at 99 or close summoning and 99 hp Slayer would be quicker with a titan for multi combat areas and a yak for dragon tasks. Higher summoning opens up a lot more options for slayer and other combat skills then simply using non-combat magic. No point in getting 99 magic then bursting/barraging for charms. 99 summoning using purely slayer would take pretty close to you getting 99 slayer and since slayer is one of the longest to train skills it makes sense to unlock familiars which help speed it up as soon as possible.
  15. If you have void mace use CoG otherwise Fire surge and SoL. For the best gp/hour use guthans and yak. Bank all the hides and all the bones using the scrolls its a lot of gp per kill (20k+) guaranteed which adds up when you consider you can get 25 to 30 kills per hour. As your using Yak you need guthans to heal (ee helps too), but veracs alone without uni would eat a lot of potions. PS don't use slayer dart as its low damage and will end up taking a lot longer per kill then you'll want.
  16. Its not cheating. If I use a laptop with a mouse and use the mouse with the mousepad M1 to click is it cheating? By doing that I wouldn't be using an software to achieve the result and the result would be exactly the same. Again I could modify a mouse (hardware wise) so that I have a separate switch or button to M1. Hell I'm kinda bored now so I think I might make a quick prototype.
  17. Use the $_SESSION and $_COOKIE variables to hold the data about there login. Then have an check setup to run before they view the page, if the cookie/session is good show the page otherwise redirect to a login page or display a message.
  18. If your going for magic I would personally wait until you have enough to burst/barrage. You'll regret it if you get 99 magic without going to rock lobsters as summoning helps alot and its a lot of magic, hp and summoning exp saving time in the long run.
  19. It encourages players yes, does it encourage membership? Not directly no. By adding something to F2P your promoting the F2P side not the P2P side. But less high end content = less long term players. Less long term players = less money. More entry level players = more room for bots More raw materials = higher costs of high end gear
  20. Nope summoning and construction are the only true money sink skills. Prayer and herblore can't be brought via shops so there cost is 100% player driven. Summoning and construction however require a direct use of gold to train. TC your stats are terrible train those and the money will come naturally.
  21. You need atleast 80 prayer before they become useful enough. The animation lag is pretty dangerous in there and without the extra defense you'll take more damage then its worth. O and if your solo'ing you can try it but I really wouldn't personally use curses for solo'ing sara.
  22. Walla Walla - Offspring -> When I was about 8 me and my little brother (hes 5 years younger then me) used to play it a lot. I think there was 3 songs on the CD. Fly for a white guy, Walla Walla and something else. Used to jump around on the beds and everything. My name is - guy with a stupidly annoying name to spell ->I remember trying to right down the lyrics for an English assignment. Little did I know you could just print them off the internet... Basket Case - Green Day -> Back when I was just starting high schools Where is the love - Black Eyed peas -> Holiday in Sri Lanka Don't Stop Believing - Journey -> Loved this song every since I heard it on ..... Family Guy. Reminds me of the last holiday to the Maldives as it was played quite a bit there. All Summer long - Kid Rock -> Got played at my sisters wedding about 5 times at the night party. Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi -> a few memories here. Screaming rock on through the window of the car while on the way to my first festival (this playing pretty loudly in the back ground), watching a tribute band perform it in the middle of a muddy field and various moments when its been playing and people look at me as if to say do it. Which gets followed by a completely random flail of the hair and middle of the room air guitar. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams -> Like living on a prayer theres a lot mainly my 18th, Maldives and a few random parties. Panama - Van Halen -> Freezing cold shed, drinking cans of beer, listening 80s rock full blast with a lot of ex-bikers, rockers and such. Fun times pretty much scared my whole family that I could pick out pretty much 90% of the bands and songs which was getting played. I really should post a image of me on these forums so that the last one make more sense.
  23. While completely true Clare I still like having a WYSIWYG editor on hand for fast tweaks and placement issues. I've used Dreamweaver (version 8 I really need to update, but money is tight for the company I work for right now) for a while and I only use the actual design editor 5% of the time (if that), but its really nice to be able to select a piece the page and then switch to the code view. It highlights the relevant section of code for that item. Also helps a great deal if you want to mock up a few tables, copy data or want to quickly mock up a page design. It saves a lot of time and without you have 2+ screens its lot quicker (you need 1 to code in, 1 to view the page in a browser and really another to check out other browsers).
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