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  1. if ur p2p then try the free fast law company on world 66 u get 27 laws per trip, f2p im not sure because i havent played f2p in ages Hope this helped
  2. i think its just the area where the are big craters in the ground (blown up mines)
  3. i think they would work for that, i would say that shouldnt mix the payment (air and cash). Just give them one or the other os it uses up inventory spaces for yourself. People normally pay 2k per trip or 3 airs per ess. Anyway good luck and i hoped this helped
  4. Ok currnetly i have full guthan without the spear and use whip and obby shield instead. I want the spear but was wonderin would it really be worth selling the whip to buy the spear or not? (I already have about 3.5m in the bank and are havin a bank sale to raise more) Please leave advice for me and NO noobs askin for the cash, its for the spear
  5. u have to have done ghosts ahoy, then u just do the same as u do at the start to get the tokens
  6. they only sell for 15 to 30gp each. So keep training mining till u get to iron before u start savin them, unless u want the smeltin and the smithin exp
  7. 14 millions cash 2k yews (346 are flechted) (400k) 1k bow strings (150k) 12.9k iron ores + 53 rings of forging! (1.29m) + (265K) 2.4k iron bars (480k) 12 ammulet of glory (1.2m) 10k rune essence (400k) 36 dragon bones (90k) 51 big bones (15.3k) 2.99k raw salmons (270k) 2.4k cooked salmons (240k) 100 marrentils seeds (50k) 394 Marrentils (identified) (200k) 362 Tarromin (identified) (200k) Rune platebody (80k) Dragon Battle axe (150k) 213 Guam leaves (identified) (100k) 19.5k fire runes (perfect to train a pure) (350k) Total value of items 5680.3K total amount 19.6803m
  8. :oops: ok, ur makin me look like a fool now, lol
  9. sorry u was right initiate is better on prayer then veracs (the flail is better then d mace) and there is no white glove (which bonus prayer) although i was right on the boots they bonus +1
  10. White boots and gloves give u a prayer bonus' too. And if u replace the dragon mace and full initiate for full veracs u have a better bonus, better defence stats if u run out of prayer and special/effect
  11. Guthan helm guthan plate body guthan chain skirt obby shield obby cape whip ring of wealth glory addy boots (im savin for guthan spear so i brough addy instead of rune) Any Arrows Addy Gloves
  12. Wolf - Releka Bat - Yea, right south of quest start once you finish the quest Rat - Varrock Sewers Baby Blue Dragon -Taverley Dungeon Ogre - Feldip Hills, outside Yanille Jogre - Karajama. Zogre - In the Orge Cript or outside the crypt Mogre - South of Port Sarim, below the dwalf (use fishin explosives in the fishin spots) Dagganoth - Below the light house or Waterbirth island Snake - Karamja Zombie - Varrock Sewers Werewolf - Canifis Moss Giant - Varrock Sewers Fire Giant - My guess is Baxtorian Falls Ice Giant - White Wolf mountian duegon, NOT blurite Duegon Terrorbird - In the Tree Gnome Stronghold, south of the Gnomeball pitch there's a Ghouls - Outside Canifis (West) Troll - Trollheim Seagull - Port Sarim Undead Cow - West of the Ectofuntus Experiment - Eperimnet duegon Rabbit - Relekka, near the lyra tree Basilisk - Relekka slayer duegon Massive Desert Lizard - South west of Uzer Cave Goblin - Lumbridge Cave (lost tribe half) Vulture - Near the agility pyramid Jackal - Desert South of pollniveach (anywhere in the desert)
  13. Theres already a tele spell which use 2 laws 2 fires, so it would have to be like 2 fire 2 earth or something
  14. I heard about this but never saw the drop list. I feel for u. I think a kill count of that amount should have been rewarded with something totally amazin
  15. street prices change daily if not hourly and vary form world to world, and place to place, so it would be imposible to track all the prices. ie if someone really needs say a ball of wool for a quest and is offerin 10k for it does it mean it should protect over ... a rune dagger say.Its nearly impossible to say which items are worth more at any givan time
  16. Ok, even if its luck im still goin to make sure i have a high kill count (30 to 50) just in case
  17. Sorry if this or simalar has already been posted I put htis in a new post due to it bein a new event for me After readin a post about jagex actually sayin that kill count does effect ur chances of gettin a barrows item i went and tried it out. My first run of the day a got my kill count up to the high 30s (cant rember exactly what it was), when i open the chset and kil the last brother i then searched the chest and a got Ahrims Staff. I though ok thats just lucky, so i carried on with my runs, the run after that i got a simalar kill count but just got runes and about 70 bolt racks (high for me). I though ok the staff was just from luck. The next run i had a kill count of 37 searched the chest and got Veracs Helm, i was now thinkin two out of three was amazin. So just to make sure i did a fourth run, oepnin the chest with a simlar kill count as before and to my surpise i got karils coif. Luck or Kill Count u decide. A summary 1st Run Ahrims Staff 2nd Run just runes and bolt racks 3rd Run Veracs Helm 4th Run Karils Coif >just now did some extra runs with a simalar kill count< >this is to just see if it does increase the chances< 6th Run just runes and bolts (high number of bolts) 7th Run a Dragon Med 8th Run Runes and Bolts (A Higher then normal amount of gp) 9th Run Runes and Bolts 10th Run Runes and Bolts
  18. My Favourite is spilt between DDS and Magic short the both have the most useful specials My Least Favourite has got to be the Whip because after spendin 2.7M on one the max hit i got with the special was lower then if u use the special of d long or even d mace
  19. Remoteman has a point if u was bothered to do barrows your prfit would be well higher, one barrows item would save u hours of merchanting
  20. For some reason it seems im the only person doin it in this order but heres my order >Wearin mage gear usin slayer staff< Dharok (just to make sure i never run out of prayer on him) Guthan Torag Verac >Switch to Rangers Gear< Ahrim >Switch to guthan helm, plate body, chainskirt, dds (changed to whip after special has run out) and obby shield< Karil (karil last so if i run out of prayer i still have good defence and dont have to change for the duegon part)
  21. my best is guthan helm and it was my first, but i usaully just get runes (deaths, bloods and minds)
  22. can only access the food part and bank parts i think as the items are unlocked as u do the sub-quests (ive got up to steel gloves, cant wait till i get mith or above)
  23. how do u use the spit roast, i tryed usin it on a fir and tryed usin meat and raw chicken on it but it didnt work???? Anyone got it to work yet
  24. no one has said anything about the mobile spit roast, im goin to make one as soon as i get on runescape, is it like the cannon, do u need different parts for it? Or is it just one item?. Secondly are there areas where u cant put it up?, like in houses ect. Is the chance of u burinin ur food increased or decreased? What do the other pies do? Like why is summer pie so high lvl to make, does it boost all ur stats :shock: ?
  25. sorry for that stupid post, i have removed it and am really sorry i must have click the wrong link and not realised
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