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  1. caused by a users signature being half cocked , not an actual "bug"
  2. A firewall doesn't prevent a keylogger from actually running but it would prevent the keylogger from sending the logs outward. Most antivirus packages such as McAfee , AVG, etc all warn you of known keyloggers that are detected on your machine.
  3. That's nothing but immature and idiotic, comparing a terrorist attack to a poorly liked update on a java based game is nothing more than childish. ... A good idea and effort, nonetheless. I'll admit, that was dumb. I just couldn't resist posting it. :lol: Next time , resist ....
  4. use one of the already established topics regarding this update.
  5. when you can get a query like that to run in a reasonable amount of time(less then .001ms) on a table that is over 2GB , let me know.
  6. if you don't understand anything about computer hardware , then why did you ask people to list what they wanted... :-k
  7. seems the problem is isolated to you and your friend, perhaps its caused by a theme or extension you have installed for firefox. as for users deleting posts, not a chance, you're lucky edit is even enabled.
  8. not needed, will never happen , sorry.
  9. Theres really no need to continue a conversation thats been dead for over a week and had no purpose to begin with....
  10. Those are internal ips(probably starting with 192), you most likely have a dynamic external ip. He's right. O:) Wow , how very not so helpful , 7 days later .... :roll: spam elsewhere.
  11. Regardless of actual age, nobody in this topic appeared more then 13 when I read it .......
  12. This topic has no point whatsoever.
  13. So what about all of us that got our 99 cooking before "Cook x" existed. Even more so , what about all of us that got our 99 fletching before "cut x bows" or whatever existed. Do we deserve this "respect" you all talk of? Because when I was rank 3 fletching and had to click knife log , knife log, etc etc etc it sure as hell wasn't "easy" or "an AFK" skill. Neither was cooking when you had to click each food, then fire, the food, then fire.
  14. because what makes a collectors edition car is the fact that all the numbers match . the VIN obviously wont match if you rip the engine block out of the car. #-o
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