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  1. Wow nice long gppd guide. Great detail and easy to read XD Add more pictures, not over the top just a few here and there to break it up a little bit.
  2. 2 views on this. 1) Why would you lend it to her... no matter how much money you got a bandos plate is still and bandos plate! Like said earier only trust people you really know. Cause then if the steal it you can hurt them :D Technicaly its not scamming or stealing though. You gave it to her and there was no contract saying you must give it back :S 2) It is sad how people are that obsessed with the game that will go around stealing items. Its only pixles its not worth anything! Ah well unlucky, hopefully you'll make your money back and go back to rocking!
  3. I like this idea. You could be like a worker to fix gates and such or a knight and kill other people!
  4. Good idea, well thaught out but its to modern. Maybe horse and charriot?
  5. Whats the fun in that? :XD: Right on! More fun if we get to guess then we see if we were right when it comes out. And we do have some , little but some, information onit.
  6. All these stats and capes look great! Once i get 99 wc (8 lvls to go) ill use the money on it! Great work and finds =D>
  7. I see lots of people saying noobs around the yew trees in varrok and in seers. Maybe its just a location thing?
  8. Never fear! The letters to the editor will appear at the end of the month. Hmm... That just doesn't have the same ring as when underdog does it... lol short, but a good read Lol! It was a short and very interesting read. The first paragraph got me in, stopped me feeling like a weird person for playing the game. Kind of rasies some real life issues in that paragraph. Over all a great and short read - Just how i like 'em!
  9. How do you know all this? He's being Santa -.- LOL! Ill be a good little boy O:) :pray: :-w
  10. The museum could just be one bit of it. For the acctual quest you will probally need more. The island they spoke about had stange mysterious and powers never before seen by man... or something along these lines. Kind of sounds like something more than just digging up dirt and brushing doesnt it :D But we will have to wait and see what happens. Does it matter what it is, im with you it makes more sence to be an island as it fits with the plot. Or it could be a new summoning animal there hiding, well just have to wait :roll:
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