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  1. Ooops... ust posted on my bro'saccount. Sorry lol, it automatically logged him on to his account, this is his laptop. #-o
  2. Well, back on topic.. Mr Tony Blair is going to stay in office until the day where he will have been the longest serving Prime Minister in the United Kingdom; the current holder of that title being Mrs Thatcher!
  3. I learn the drums, and have been for 2 years and 3 months. If I were you, I would try and learn the drums as they are easy to improve and get started on, there is more need for drummers than say pianists or guitarists, and it's a great way of killing some time and some unneeded stress! Thats just my unbiased opinion :lol:
  4. I listen to a band called Capdown alot, however they are a bit more ska than punk, but ah well..
  5. That has got to be the best game of the tournament so far.. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, rooting for Mexico who I got in a sweepstake at school. All credit goes to Mexicans determination, especially Marquez and Zinha who in my eyes both played brilliantly, however I cannot take away any attention from the 2nd Argentinian goal.. what a strike!
  6. If you by any chance have an Apple like my school do, I would heavily advice GarageBand.. it's an extremely easy to use programme only for Apple computers which allows you to play through a keyboard to record loads of different sounds of instruments, you can set up a microphone with a Lexicon box and record straight into the computer, and has a number (loads) of pre made tracks that you can play around with.
  7. Cech, yep great goalkeeper, but isn't going to give them any spark outfield. Nedved, good for experience but is 34 now and isn't the same player he used to be. Rosicky, yep great midfielder, but that's it a midfielder. Without Koller up front to aim for, they don't look like the team they used to be. Oh right I get what you mean... and it is true. I did personally expect better of the Czech Republic though regardless of the loss of Koller; against the USA they played a brilliant 85 minutes without him.
  8. Lol nice find.. search something on Google and then see what happens.. that would be insane!
  9. I like thunderstorms because they happen so rarely over here in England, when one comes it feels like a special day lol!
  10. well with Koller they are a decent side, but without him they just don't have that man to aim for up front. And do you think a team that depends of one player can be considered a potential world champion? EDIT: Nevermind, I just thought of France in 98... However the Czech Republic don't depend on just Koller.. they have one of the best keepers in the world (Cech), a former European player of the year (Nedved), a player with so much determination I would not believe (Rosiscky), and a handful of other players that I can't spell the names of so I won't try.. Shame about them going out though, really thought they could go all the way this year after their impressive shine in Euro 2004.
  11. Yeah it was an exciting game, and what a muck up by Graham Poll in the dying minutes, however I doubt Australia are gonna win the WC lol.. :roll: Btw this is gonna get locked because there is already a WC post stickied.
  12. So you in your good mood decided that, on a whim, you'd not flame them, however, you think you still have the right to? No. Also, waterskin information is very useful, unless you want to die there, and waste precious time, which, juding by your impatience, is not something you would like to do. Owned.
  13. I think the actual crop itself is 4 - seeds planted, watered, growing and grown. If mean the patch in general I think it's about 4 - one with no weeds, and then one of each of the 3(?) different density of weeds that need to be raked. Hope it helps!
  14. For the love of God, just post a nice reply to people who try and help! You can do it by other methods such as text, phone, post etc. however obviously that is not automatically renewed; you need to use some brain cells to get yourself organised and renew it every month.
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