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  1. You haven't finished the new quest have you? How can one judge so early? Yea, I enjoyed dropping 1M needles in world1/world2, watching white dots rushing into the party room (and cursing afterwards) is fun, but I guess most players in the 2 world will camp in the party room now. Obviously they crash the servers on purpose to fight RWT. No one logs in = no wealth transfer = no RWT. See the logic here?
  2. Woooohoo No familiars in Party Room!!! *looks closer* Only 2 worlds have party room enabled! RWT won again after the culinaromancer chest "fix" last week!!
  3. Look out, if this actually works then Jagex will stop restoring running energy from duels. Obviously, they took out BTS because it was used in RWT, isn't it?
  4. Thanks guys, but I have one more question... Shouldn't the (min. exploded) means the exploded egg because the collector picked up the wrong egg or with full inventory? I don't think the shot eggs would deduct from the count... :-s
  5. I don't remember seeing anything about losing points (or getting less points) by shooting eggs at the runners, yet I was being called a noob everytime I use the cannon (They even say only the collector can use the cannon or we lose points). Can anyone please tell me (and every other players) a definitive answer to the egg cannon thing? Thanks :)
  6. Due to the stupid pricing for charters to go to tyras camp, I've made something to compute the most economic way to travel from dock to dock with maximum 2 interchanges... The results as follows: - Direct routes that are the cheapest will not be listed. - Halved price for Cabin Fever is not counted(i.e. I've doubled the list prices of Mos Le Harmless for calculation) - Ship fee from Phasmatys to Mos Le Harmless is counted as 0 - Ship fee from Port Sarim to Karamja is counted as 30 - The reverse direction also applies From Brimhaven to: Mos Le Harmless: 850, Via: Shipyard Port Phasmatys: 850, Via: Shipyard, Mos Le Harmless Port Sarim: 510, Via: Kamaja From Catherby to: Mos Le Harmless: 930, Via: Kamaja Port Khazard: 880, Via: Brimhaven Port Phasmatys: 930, Via: Kamaja, Mos Le Harmless Port Sarim: 510, Via: Kamaja Shipyard: 680, Via: Kamaja From Kamaja to: Port Phasmatys: 450, Via: Mos Le Harmless From Mos Le Harmless to: Port Khazard: 1080, Via: Port Sarim, Kamaja Tyras Camp: 3200, Via: Port Phasmatys From Port Khazard to: Port Phasmatys: 1930, Via: Port Sarim Shipyard: 1510, Via: Port Sarim, Kamaja From Port Phasmatys to: Port Sarim: 650, Via: Mos Le Harmless Shipyard: 550, Via: Mos Le Harmless From Port Sarim to: Shipyard: 230, Via: Kamaja That's all of my list. Hopefully my presumptions and data input are correct :)
  7. or bring a machete to do the jungle clean up minigame :-w
  8. you get a higher chance of yielding MATURE ale from brewing your own ales. add 'the stuff' into the vat before adding the main ingredient(choco dust, oak roots etc) P.S. My Chef Delight with the stuff is officially a vat of bad ale.
  9. After you've finished the quest you're told how to use the special attack of the crossbow... but WHERE is the crossbow?
  10. How to get pass the guards? I always have 2 guards left and can't solve it...
  11. Yep, i think they changed that... It existed from the beginning of RS2, while the black knights drop them in RS1 and you need telegrab to pick them up... but you can't trade them. I got 1 pile of flour transferred to RS2, and now my pile has a pot with it...
  12. That is not called a rollback. The server crashed, and thus it didn't save any progress of the players who were playing on that server.
  13. Message of the week says no more stupid cats on minimap, is this old or new?
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