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  1. Posted these as my other ones don't show up, and they're old anyways. Tried PMiong but it broke. -shrug
  2. Yeah that made me lol too. World 69 riot here I come! :D
  3. Yoo hax good Hehe. : Finally got my range void! I hit 38 (so far) unpotted with it. BEASTLY! I might have to get that too at some point.. although I think I'm gonna try no-life defence as much as I can possibly stand. :3 Shame summonning's gonna come out (most likely tomorrow) and spoil my combat level. ;_;
  4. Heh grats on the range level. :) I dont like the fact that soo many of yours stats are catching me up / getting higher :anxious:
  5. Wow. Yummy hits. :o I want to try that some time :3 Bumpedy bump. Yay for having company at the apes. :P
  6. Hey. Congrats on the firecape mistur. :D I've not been on much lately :o Just thought I'd check in on you. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. :D
  7. Wrong. You're here as long as your addiction remains. First chance you get you'll run. Or at least you should, those chances are RARE Yeah.. I ran at the first chance I got :o ..the addiction was still there, deep down. D: Grr at that! Good to see you're still alive. and that neither of you are quitting I hope. This dosent overly affect me like.. I just dont like the idea of Jagex having total control over the market, and the fact that I can't borrow things like Azure's godsword anymore :3 ..not that he has it but y'know. :x
  8. Are you sure you didn't mean to say you were the one on the right? Nah, jk . Nice pic :thumbsup: Looks like you um.. spilled something on your pants.. but yeah s'a cool picture.
  9. I was a little apprehensive(sp?) to come here because I didn't really want the image I had in my head of them to change, but I'm really not bothered at all by it. It's just cool to know what they look like. Also cool to see how old(ish) the person you'e talking with is. Some here are wayyy younger than i tougth they were. Yeah I thought misplacedme would be older :anxious: *runs and hides* Yeah, I was a little apprihensive at first too. Luckily, I only know one or two people from TIF.. and I knew what they looked like already. It's still weird actually seeing the face behind the names. You're right too, some people loook REALLY young, yet at the same time, there's some really older people too.. which as much as I know older people play RS.. ya don't really think about it untill ya see a picture of someone who isn't in their teens.
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