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  1. Yes sorry. My internet has been going a bit slow and I will try my best to add these things.
  2. Good, kep ur pants on geessh....If someone wants to talk about Ankous, they can. How would you like it if someone flamed your post? :twisted: Anyway, I've been having a great time owning these guys with Norman Biggs, good company. Excellent drop, especially the blooods. All round, a post I'm glad I read. =D>
  3. Yes, maybe there would be a warning saying 'Beware, this will trigger a strong attack at you'. Anyway it wouldn't be to hard, I mean people cope with normal random events, why not this? Also I was thinking of maybe making it so the blast spell is of the Elemental's type instead, so you 'Restore their power'. Going off now, will do tomorrow.
  4. I ran across this after building my new boxing ring. Enjoy my guide to Walking around with a bench stuck to you. What you need: Any food, a friend, and a bench in a dining room. What to do: Sit on the bewnch, at tell friend to stand by door. Follow your friend, then quickly eat. You will be sat on your bench, looking at your friend. Click where you want to move, then go on house options and select 'Building mode' when you click this, you will move to where you clicked. Eventually it will wear off, but you can keep doing it and have some fun. BONUS: If you wear boxing gloves whilst doinbg this, when it wears off, your hands will be stuck in a boxing-gloves pose. If you weild anything else, it will be held in same way as gloves. Cool huh?
  5. Lol Jikdur here. I don't love it, but I feel attached to it.
  6. I'm begining to dislike my quest name. Should I change it? :-k
  7. Lunar Lunar Lunar! Everyone loves Lunar! Lunar! Lunar! Gimme an 'L' L! Gimme a 'U' U! Gimme a.....You get my point?
  8. Changes made. You can only start quest if you have requirements, and the quest points has been changed to 3. Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  9. Good point. How about...when you pass into a member's area?
  10. I think that there's no point in spending 2 mill if you can spend 900k.. anyway, I think that the dragon, and any other trimmed or gilded skirt is long enough not to look weird. Anyway, the greeks wore them, so why shouldn't men. How ever for me-Torag's legs all the way..once I can buy them that is...and once I can wear them...and once I...I'll stop.
  11. GREAT IDEA, but omg aren't you all forgetting the end of tail of two cats???? I loooove that but where the KBD owns that ranger. Garden of Tranquility would be good, and also there are some good scenes in the strange old man's bank robbery that i don't want to pay 50gp to watch! Lol, yes I am a miser!
  12. This is my quest idea which I will present as a quest guide. PLEASE POST IF YOU READ THIS! NO FLAMMING! This is my 'Quest Guide'. Start Point: Climbing of boat to Brimhaven. Talk to messanger that appears. Difficulty: Hard. Skills needed: 59 magic, 45 thieving, 30 mining. 43 prayer helps. Quests needed: Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Dragon Slayer, Fremennik Trials, Horror From the deep and Dwarven Cannon. Items: Rune for all blast spells, pickaxe, raw shark, bag of ice, ogre bow and arrow(s). Monsters: Assassin (Level similar to random events). 'Bad Guy' (lv.140) Guide: BEGINNING If you have all the requirements and levels for this quest, when you get off a boat to Brimhaven, a messanger will appear. Upon talking to the messanger, you will recieve a 'Scruffy Scroll'. DON'T read it unless you are wearing your best fighting gear. When you are ready, read it. It will contain a death threat to you. When you finish reading it, you will be attacked by an assassin of a level similar to a random event, who will hit quickly, and sometimes through prayer. When he dies, he will drop a scrolls that says: Larrissa, Coal Trucks, Dragon Isle, Rantz. You will recive a message prompting you to talk to Larrissa. A BAD GUY Talk to Larrissa, and she will tell you that a strange man came, and forced her to tell her where 'The Water Queen' was. You will be told to talk with Fossegrimen. To find her you must use a raw shark with the small altar east of the Lighthouse across a bridge. Talk to Fossgrimen, and she will tell you that a fremennik stole her bracelet. Go to Relleka, and steal from any Fremennik. If you succeed, you will recieve a 'magic bracelet'. Give this to Fossegrimen, and she will dissappear, a 'Tainted Spirit' appearing in her place. A message says a strong spell will restore the elemental's power. Cast water blast of the Spirit, and it will turn into the water queen. She will tell you that she was cursed by a strange man, and will tell you to talk to her friend 'The Earth King' who lives near some coal trucks. THE EARTH KING Go to the coal mines (east of waterfall start point) and mine a rock there. Another tainted spirit will appear, but if you cast earth blast at him , he will turn into the earth king. He will say the same things as the water queen, but tell you to talk to his friend, 'The Air Lady', who resides near some ogres who love archery. THE AIR LADY Go to Feldip hills, and the big chompy bird hunting area with your ogre bow and arrows, and runes for earth blast. Talk to Rantz, and he will set up a 'magic target' . Shoot at this with your ogre gear. When you hit a bullseye, another tainted spirit will appear, cast air blast on it, and it will turn into the air lady. She will tell you to talk to her friend, 'The Fire Lord'. THE FIRE LORD Bring runes for water blast, bag of ice, good armour for fighting mages and a fast weapon with a stab or slash attack. Go into karajama volcano, and go to Elvarg's lair. Open the door (he will not attack you) and throw bag of ice into lava at back. The forth and final tainted spirit will appear, cast fire blast on him, and he will become the fire lord. The fire lord will warn you that the strange man is coming back. THE FINAL BATTLE The screen will shake, and suddenly will appear....The MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN , who has become possessed by a demon. He will talk for a short amount of time, then he will attack you, randomly using any of the blast spells, so mage protect is recommended, but not needed if you have good food (swordies+). He is level 130, but has bad armour, and will be killed quickly with a slash or stab attack (dragon dagger reccomended). When he is dead, he will transform back into the Mysterious Old Man, who will thank you, explain what happened, and give you his magic ring. Reward: 7500 thieving 7500 exp mining 7500 exp magic A magic ring 3 quest points Magic ring: Will teleport you to several remote quest areas, can be recharged by same as amulet of glory (dip in fountain of heroes). Teleports to: Dwarven Coal mines (dwarf cannon) Lighthouse (horror from the deep, Feldip cave (Big Chompy Bird Hunting) and Crandor(Dragon Slayer). So, what do you think? Please say what you think, but DON'T FLAME!!
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