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  1. I am now in my second year of 6th form, and it is so far the best year. Even though the work is being piled on me and my social time has seriously went down it is still really good. None of my classes start until the afternoon which means I can sleep in and then I am only there for an hour, two tops. School is just a hell of a lot better this year.
  2. I own several horses myself and they are my responsibility so before I even go out they get looked after and even if I have a splitting head ache the next morning I will still get up and look after them. I personally would tell her exactly how you feel, just tell her that you think that when she is unable to look after them you should. In my opinion if she can't be bothered to look after her horses she should not have them at all.
  3. It depends on what I am using to play it on, on my laptop I like it how it is since it fits nicely on my screen but as I have a 19 inch computer screen for my computer it becomes a bit of a pain in the but seeing how little everything is but then again it comes in handy because I can do numerous things like msn and still see the majority of the runescape screen.
  4. Age doesn't always matter. I have a wide range of friends aging from 10 years old to 37 years and they all have a wide range of maturity. One of my closest friends is 14 and he is probably a lot more mature than a lot of people I know, but another is 29 (or along those lines) and acts like a 5 year old. Age doesn't always matters, it is the head upon the shoulder that does.
  5. I use Runescape Community mainly for the clan side of it but apart from that and RuneHQ's website and not forum tip.it is really the only one I use.
  6. I think that maybe they don't realise that it is a macroer and just want to help the person out. You can't really blame them for trying to help someone out. I often stop the lower levels being killed by the mugger when travelling to and from Falador because It would be like a level 60 being attacked by a lesser demon, anyone would help, it is just the polite thing to do.
  7. Since I want to be a teacher when I grow up for one of my A-level courses I get to teach a group of year 7's every Tuesday, obviously with there other teacher present but every time she goes out the room, they thought they could get away with everything and then I mentioned I knew most of their parents since I hang around with their older siblings (small village school) and that soon shut them up. A* here I come. Now that I have gotten to know them all and they have stopped mucking around I am good friends with them all. At that age I would expect them to be stupid little brats but in my opinion after year 7, kids shouldn't really annoy teachers, just get on with your work and life will be a lot easier. If you treat a teacher with respect they will treat you with respect right back. In Year 10 we had a Health and Social teacher who everyone said was just mean. We just got on with our work and it turns out she is really nice. We treat her like a human and in return she was so nice, she was just another friend to us all. We could tell her anything and know that she would listen. Heck, we are all invited to her wedding in December. At the end of the day, treat your teachers with respect, would you really want to be annoyed for an hour on end, if you treat them well they will treat you with respect.
  8. That has to be one of the most pathetic things I have seen in a long time, whatever happened to, here have a free burger, now they are arresting McDonald workers for to much salt. Personally I think this time the line has well and truly been crossed.
  9. Corr are amazing pkers, even one of those videos shows that but having that many just show exactly how good pkers these guys are.
  10. Very belated goodbye from me. Not a single person here can say you were a bad clan mod on the tip.it boards
  11. Personally I would say for a good clan to become great they would have to have a good leader, someone who listens to their members and acts upon good advice when it is given no matter who it is given from. Also a leader would have to respect all under him no matter what and treat everyone the same, in other words don't treat new recruits as if they do not have opinions. Also, one of the main things would have to be the way the clan members treat each other. A clan where all clan members don't get along is not going to last very long but a clan where every single person feels as if they belong and are not just being told what to do. In short what really makes a clan is the people in it and how they chose to treat each other.
  12. 9/11 was a terrible thing not only because of how many people died but because they died at the hands of others on purpose, they were meant to die, people planned their death, that is what makes it so bad. I still remember where I was when I heard. I was sitting in my History class and my teacher turned on the telly so we could watch a video and all we saw was a tower falling, we all just sat and watched and watched as the news reader explained it all. By this time the word had got around the entire school about what had happened. Everyone was totally shocked. We had a two minutes silence today, I am in 6th form but we had all been told and we just shut up, everything was so silent it was eerie and we just sat watching the TV as clips of what happened and the after math. It was truly shocking watching it all again.
  13. I agree totally with what the article said. I was never one for completing goals, I normally just logged into runescape, talked to all of my friends, and then started what I felt like doing, doing the same thing over and over again bored me. A lot of my friends set their goals and I never heard from them and had proper conversations until they had completed them. I personally enjoyed runescape, being in a clan, hanging with friends, and just generally having fun was always at the top of my list.
  14. Gears Of War BioShock Fear Halo 3 (when it comes out) Fable 2 (when it comes out) Rainbow6 Las Vegas Ninety Nine Nights Ghost Recon Those are probably what I suggest namely because I have them apart from the ones that have yet to come out and they are great games to play.
  15. I would first of all buy a santa hat, I have always wanted one but have never had the opportunity to save up for one so that would be first on my list. I would also buy full robin. Then I would just buy odd items that I have wanted but never had enough money to spare to get it. I would then buy enough items to get at least two of my skills to level 99. I would then give some of my money to some of my best friends on Runescape and then leave the rest of the money in the bank using it when I need things or when I want things.
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