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  1. i lost all my friends!!1@@@nobody well, i dont play annymore, i wanted to do. But i gott hacked. And a game without real PVP is uber boring.
  2. Moron. The dutch person already had some troubles, and the hacking of his rs account was the thing what caused him to pull the trigger :( (Although he didn't shoot himself) just a weak person, who couldnt take the downsides of life, and so he did suicide. its just sad. he hurt his parents ALOT with it. I had downsides too, and i dont do suicide too?
  3. runescape died on noob-update-hepetites
  4. a year of good st00f wich gett ruined by others.
  5. eve340 whas first on 200m cook xp, 100% sure
  6. congratsulations on the 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000st horse-topic! u deserve a cookie!
  7. there is a new kind of cheese here. nuffin more >:[]
  8. just like other games, alot of ppl think they can sell items for 300000 times the price now.
  9. F2P gotts millions of autoers, and hundreds of thousands begger noobs etc etc, thats why everything think that ALL f2pers are noob, but there are arround 100.000 respectable F2per wich are really good, i once saw a lvl 49 with santa, its just awesome.. And a member came then and said that he whas noob :S -.-
  10. because then evil meaty will burn u ;( its nto smart to eat a raw cow, because:
  11. YAY micky mouse boat :thumbsup:
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