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  1. I never understood this. Is there actually skill required in flats boxing? If so what makes one guy better than the next? Sweet stakes though makes me miss it
  2. The name calling isn't necessary. Oh sorry Mr. Safety Patrol, are you going to tell the teacher on me? If someone wasn't to "be called a name" then they don't need to be jerks themselves. Plenty of people care we can only stake 40k on f2p, and just because he's not one of them doesn't give him an excuse to be all pissy. [/hide]You're allowed to trade an unlimited amount outside of staking, so I don't see why an arbitrary 40k limit matters to you there. There's also this great place called the wilderness, where you get everything your opponent risks when they die. You're also allowed to compare inventories, so if they're taking a teleport you don't have to fight them. That allows way more than 40K, and if you can't be creative enough to get around it then maybe you should just pay the $8/month and buy membership? Remember, staking for F2P was only introduced AFTER the wilderness was shut down, so you're actually better off now than you were back then. Are you trying to say that someone would just trade over the amount they promised to stake? The wilderness, where people will just run away when they are about to die, or call their friends in? I used to love PKing, mostly before rs2 since rs2 pking requires no skill really, but staking is nicer sometimes if you want to have a straight up fight to the death. I shouldn't have to "get around" the 40k limit, but yea you are right that I'm better off now than I was then. The members world is just too big now and there's too many ridiculous items where you can do like 80 dmg in 1 hit. Plus, membership is $8 now instead of 5?
  3. The name calling isn't necessary. Oh sorry Mr. Safety Patrol, are you going to tell the teacher on me? If someone wasn't to "be called a name" then they don't need to be jerks themselves. Plenty of people care we can only stake 40k on f2p, and just because he's not one of them doesn't give him an excuse to be all pissy. Anyways do you pretty much of to be flats to effectively kill revenants for drops?
  4. Thoughts? Who cares. Can anyone confirm that green dragons are P2P only? Seems last time they introduced a wilderness area, a few P2P monsters (hellhounds) became F2P too. Um douchebag? Who cares taht green drags might be F2p? 40k max stakes is like a slap in the face to me.
  5. Not really into cars, but I remember you =p
  6. Are you a member? Yea Jagex really doesn't care about appeals at all. I've been banned for 5 years and they have sent me the exact same response on three different appeals.. They don't even have evidence for what I did wrong, and they said I was banned for bug abuse when it was autoing on RSC way back in the day. Jagex customer support is a complete joke to me.
  7. I wouldn't pay for a f2p world unless you could do it where you pay money per month for as many characters as you want. I used to like having several different accounts I could pk on, whether low 20s, level 8 mage, r2h pking in the 30s, or whatever. I'm not going to pay $15 a month so I can pk with three accounts, even if the server had as many people as the old f2p worlds used to
  8. Nice topic Meili, was hoping to hear from you again now that RSC is back =). Are you still playing? Ionly got on the first few days it was open, are there people pking now or what? I don't know what to do with myself there. Great post though. You could add a section about low level pking, like Level 8 mages, the huge battles of level 13s, and the addy/mith 2h pkers in the 20s, then the r2h pures in the 30s, arguably the most profitable pking levels. Also you should post this in general chat, while it's nice and nostalgic for us, a lot of the RS2 players might be able to get an understanding for why we love it so much. Also mayb eyou could post a few videos at the end with a brief description that were popular back in the day and represent what it was to have fun back in the day. Some videos that come back to mind are the Nemesis KKC video, Santa Thugz' low level mage video, and U P K M E's high level pking videos.
  9. Lol hey, <--- Ki11a Pick1e
  10. Maybe they do read it, but they don't give very appropriate templated-responses. I've done probably five different appeals over the past 4 or so years, and every single bloody one was the same, and none of them addressed what I was actually saying in my appeal. They never once gave me a reason other than something along the lines of, "You have shown that you are not willing to follow rules so we have decided not to unban your account. You obviously care about your account, so take the time to read the rules here. Feel free to start another account and become a member to see what new updates Runescape has to offer!" Jagex customer support is straight garbage.. Do you think if I made them members for my next appeal they would actually read what I was typing, or at least post a reasonable response to my appeal?
  11. A couple times it was only a few days. Most of the time it was about 2 weeks, and it one case, a few months.. They no longer have evidence, or even a reason for me being banned (they said bug abuse, but it was for autoing), and they still won't unban me after 5 years. I've seen in appeals on two separate accounts about three times each in total, and EVERY TIME has been the exact same automated response, even though I have given a different appeal each time. Way to go Jagex customer support!
  12. Okay thanks for the advice. I'll probably continue to merch until I have 40ish mil maybe then buy one. Only problem is I feel like I've maxed out on the money I can make because I can't find good items to buy/sell. The ones I previously did have been going crazy with their prices lately. If anyone can PM for some extra advice on some items I could try that would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Can anyone provide some insight? Mostly I want to know if I can/should buy santa on G.E
  14. I know this isn't about PHats or anything, but every day I'm usually logging on RS for a few minutes to update G.E offers, and that is the extent of my RS playing. I've managed to make around 26m since the beginning of summer on f2p items only, and limited knowledge as to what is currently going on. I know the updates but don't really know what they mean for the economy. The past week I noticed I was having a hard time buying or selling some raw mats, and also noticed certain bars have crashed in price pretty bad recently. What exactly is going on? Also I'm debating whether or not to buy a Santa hat once I get enough and just stop "merching." Can I even buy a Santa? Should I wait until I have like 40m and then buy one so I still have some to merch with?
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