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  1. I want my character to achieve a rank in the top 250 f2p list, but as that probably won't happen, I'm gonna aim for at least 1250 total
  2. That would just to try to get dragon plates into the game quite fast as they were just released. The drop rate will probably go down significantly after a few weeks.
  3. Runecrafting is tempting since it is such a HUGE PAIN to train. On the other hand, runecrafting, unlike some other skills, actually has a little payoff as you train it up. That's a tough tradeoff to decide -- pain v. money. Unless of course the exp puts you up to a level where you can get an extra rune per essence, in which case the time it took you to get that level without the exp boost could be used after the exp boost and thus make even more money. So that is also a factor in deciding.
  4. I'm level 103 and use trouts when I go to cockroach soldiers. This means I can take an extra trout and get 2 or 3 possible extra kills, so not just useful for low levels. Although pking isn't going to be to badly affected because even many of the lower levels still use lobsters, which they can only put one of in it.
  5. Theres already 2 locked ones on this page, as well as the one thats active o.O
  6. BlueLancer, the only update that we would "deserve" is the holiday events, which I said before, as those are meant to generally be a time of celebration or togetherness. Although theres always those people who think that this or that should be included in f2p, and you have to face the fact that everyone has those things that they think would be kool to have (f2p or p2p).
  7. I was refering to what Coolsam223 said, "Weapons better than rune but worse than dragon may need to have some other special requirement to weild. Like maybe a long and medium difficulty ranked quest. that requires some decent skills and should go to the f2p with the patience to get 40 qp. That way f2p will get the experience on how members have to do difficult things such as quests to get the better stuff. They should also make this armor a rare drop from a f2p boss of some sort so the rich people who buy the best equipment have to kill it alot before it sells often at GE" And although it isn't the most well thought out idea ever, is still a basic suggestion, which is what I was referring to. You must have thought that I was talking about the entire topic being the suggestion, which is clearly a demand. I am assuming I need to begin being very specific in anything I say?
  8. I like that idea. At least people would have to work for their prayer. Be good for f2p in a way as well as praying prot just makes fights go on for ever, and not to many people would have the 83 prayer to prot melee players. Although when it comes to just trying to get away from someone if you had no incentive to fight, or you get pj'ed, then this idea will fail. So good and bad, depending on circumstances.
  9. first of all, f2p doesnt want new armour, more quests or a boss, although these things would be nice, and people would LIKE (not demand) it, most people know it isnt going to happen, and therefore, dont bother complaining about it. Coolsam223 was just pointing out a suggestion, not demands. And Great_one, I've been f2p over 4 years, and theres only one update I remember apart from the ones you have brought up, plus the bank updates.
  10. Omali-Yes there are. Jagex can't be bothered to cater to you if you say you have better things to spend your money on, but demand extras. I believe that Jagex can and do cater to us though, even though we have better things to spend our money on, hence why we have corrupted dragon, more bankspace a few years ago etc. We just dont get things often, which is completely reasonable, but to think that we should get nothing is ridiculous. Jagex know that there are people who have been f2p for an extended period of time. They also know that people get bored with f2p. If every now and again they give f2p a brief taste of members, then they are going to keep people in game longer, and hence create a greater chance of the person getting members. Omali-Absolutely. I've always been in favor of f2p getting to participate in the holiday events. Glad you think that way :thumbsup: Omali-Taking advantage means to use something, it doesn't always describe abuse of a commodity. By using f2p, you're taking advantage of a free service (IE: Using it), which makes you a freeloader. Point taken about the whole taking advantage thing, but as far as freeloading goes, if Jagex didn't want this, then the whole f2p system would be changed so that my example of playing for x time would be put in, or it removed completely, hence there is nothing wrong with freeloading. Also, keep in mind that I know how bad some of the f2p complaining can get, just dont assume it is all of us.
  11. Omali-To freeload is defined as "to take advantage of others for free food, entertainment, etc. ", so yes F2p'ers are freeloaders. (sorry, not to good with quote tags etc) We are given the chance to pay, or not, we are not "taking advantage of others". If f2p only lasted x amount of time per account, and people constantly made new accounts to play for free, THEN they would be freeloading, but not in the case that is currently available. Omali- Last I checked, this discussion started because the "deserve" word got thrown around. So what you're saying is that you don't want anyone disagreeing that f2p should get more stuffs, basically. I'm not saying that at all. I honestly dont care if we get anything new or not. With what I see, what is in f2p is fine, only updates I would be disappointed about is if they were to stop making holiday events/items f2p, and it's this that I dont want anyone disagreeing with. Omali-And Jagex has more grateful, and paying mind you, customers to give updates to. So there you have it. Hmmm, more grateful, paying customers who whine and complain about everything whenever they get the chance (not all members btw, so don't judge this whole point on that), compared to those who are happy that they get to play the game their own way without paying for it? Come on, there are grateful and ungrateful people on both sides of this. So there you have it.
  12. Yeah, i had a ranger do that to me. I ended up hitting him 22-23-21 first 3 hits and he ran about a minute after because I was laying some good hits. As far as prayer goes, at my level, when someone melee protects, it just means that once they get low hp, they are going to run for it, and theres really nothing you can do about it unless you get lucky because high defence levels, full rune and melee prot just mean 0's galore, so its not something I like people to do during a fight, but by all means, try to stay alive,through any means necessary, except for running. That just wastes everyones time.
  13. Nah, its 4x exp in the wildy, and 2x exp everywhere else in a PvP world.
  14. Quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing all this "f2p is full of freeloaders" crap that comes out every time f2p gets something. I've been playing for over 4 years now, and not once have I been members, why? Because my parents wouldnt let me, and now I have better things to spend my money on. This doesn't make me a freeloader imo. It's not like I am supposed to pay but found a way to play it free (such as downloading a new movie instead of paying to see it), instead the choice is made available, and I choose not to pay. Yes, f2p will get an update every now and again, deal with it. Yes, there are going to be ungrateful people who complain about the updates wanting more, but it's not like members are any better when they get something. Hell, I've only complained about one update, and that was the trade restrictions, yet I constantly see members complaining about every single update, so people from both sides are ungrateful, not just us. As for the corrupted dragon, I couldn't really care about it. As it is, melee will pretty much tear apart both mage and range in a fight, and this only creates a larger gap between the classes.
  15. My first acc was A4tech1, but I used to use Tazo6114 as my online alias for a number of years before that, and it just didnt feel right not having that as my username. Been about 4 years now with Tazo6114, so I doubt I will be going back to A4tech1, although i still remember the pass etc.
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