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  1. Actually it is a case of range (mostly mage) being underpowered.Melee is self sufficient, i can both KO and do damage with melee, ranged has no KO, and mage does nor good damage nor has a KO. I wasn't talking about mage, but even so, when the OP uses range against melee and expects to win, he's just being arrogant. Mage works plenty well in FOG, 75% of the people just run around in rune, ready to be flattened by fire blast.
  2. Im pretty sure he meant as in real life he could do it. Get over yourself and train your other skills, otherwise stop complaining. It's not a case of range being underpowered, it's about you being either too lazy, or too stupid to change combat styles.
  3. Dervish is a great beginners board, but if you think it's too flexy, I'd definitely go for a Tan Tien. Are you buying deck only or a complete? Yeah I think i'll buy a tan tien, i tried out my friends one and it feels pretty good (although his was a flex 3), so i might end up getting a flex 2. I guess i'll buy complete off Hopkin, unless i should buy a deck and some nice trucks/bearings/wheels
  4. what is this magical "antibotter thingy" and where do i obtain several.
  5. Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone could help me choose between buying a Dervish or a Tan Tien. one of these will be my first longboard (altough i have borrowed/used friends longboards). My friends told me to get a dervish because they are apparently a better board for beginners...but im not sure if Dervish's will be too flexy ( I dont like flex ) Any opinions on the two? Also how do you change bushings :-#
  6. Well personally i like the aesthetics of the fire cape better than skill capes, i mean, flowing lava! Come on! I guess it's all down to preference.
  7. I dont know how many times i died to highwaymen when i first started, i was always too scared to go to port sarim 'cause two of them would always ambush me ;)
  8. Consistency is key! Claws= 8 Hits per bar, costs around 30-40m DDS= 8 Hits per bar and 60's poison, (which is great for FOG) for a grand total of 30-40k , and also you get more freedom to choose when to spec considering DDS takes 1/4 of the bar. Thats why ill always take a trusty DDS over claws any day :P
  9. :blink: What state is that? Even though those are great times (better than mine) the 100 wouldn't have qualified for the state meet and the 400 would have barely qualified in the slowest division in Illinois. Western Australia. States here aren't invitational, they're sort of like a qualification for nationals. So yeah i haven't really compared the Australia to America times ^^
  10. At the moment im training for an all schools competition in Perth, currently im running 100m - 11.69 (got fourth at states) 200m- not sure 400m- 51.20 ( just got second in state champs U17's, i was competing as a 16yo too..) I would upload a video, but idunno how to extract it off FB. It's on someone elses profile...any tips (on how to upload to Tip.It too)?
  11. I never said i deserved a spot entirely to myself, but wouldn't you consider it rude if someone came and interrupted your training when they could have just have easily switched worlds? I'm not saying that i want to own a world.. Personally, i'll switch worlds because it's not worth my effort, nor will i gain any respect from the people that im annoying. Lol. It's a webcomic, try reading one sometime. And as a counter attack, 30H3? Listen to some REAL music please.
  12. Let me introduce you to a friend of mine called Juna. Juna says she likes low level skills.
  13. Not sure if the other people who even posted play FOG.The majority of people playing fog are there to TRAIN MAGIC.They don't CARE about tokens.If paired with someone like you a wall-hugger / hider it is frustarting.In your rant you fail to mention how often the people you are hunting just remain at the center of the game collecting charges.If I was paired up with someone like you I would simply exit.It's an unwritten rule that most players play by where they just go to the middle to speed things up.Try it sometime -.-You still get tokens.I guess it's just my personality but if I"m playing a game and I'm being insulted, then maybe the problem is not other's its you.Try reading a guide or two on how to play FOG and use your observations for how others play.If the person you are hunting directly goes to middle you should as well.Runescape people communicate by insulting you if what you are doing negatively impacts their gameplay.Stop being selfish.And FYI jagex creates mini-games and the way they are actually played by RS players are two different versions.Don't believe the Jagex version of how to play a mini-game. You sir, fail on so many levels that it hurts my eyes.
  14. Now, this isn't a rant about any certain players, or about how F2P Personally operates.. Basicly, im sick of the way people treat eachother in Runescape. Everywhere i go i see; "Lool shuddup noob you sucks cause you got no money!", "Noob! You got a fm/cook skillcape and they ezy to get so u suck!" I understand that Runescape is a place where there is a certain degree of competition, so i can understand why people say things like this. What i don't understand is why people insist on coming and training next to me! I've spent about 10 maybe 15 minutes searching for a world with nobody training at the spiders in SOS. Yet of course some jerk lvl 80 comes along and starts killing in the same spot as me. I mean sure, its a free world you can do what you want right? (Well at least that's what im expecting people to say in response to this) But couldn't you at least have the decency to just find a free world and not interrupt someone? You not only cut my experience, but you're not maximizing yours either, SO JUST LEAVE! This has happened to me while im powermining in Alkharid (If this was falador then i understand that it's relatively impossible to find a free world..), I'm sitting between the iron rocks and just dropping the ores as they come, and some random just comes up and starts mining only ONE of the rocks. I mean, come on, just switch worlds and you get two, i get two, everybody's happy!! Maybe im too used to P2P where i encountered almost nobody while training, and even then, they were usually nice enough to hop worlds if i asked. [/rant]
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