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  1. So I just decided to start playing runescape again but... I got hacked. I lost all my gear and anything of value in my bank. Luckily whoever hacked my character turned it into a green dragon bot so I gained 5 defense levels and I had about 10m in green dragon loot. After spending a lot of it I have 2.5m left. Can anyone recommend a low-teir setup for slayer? Also, are there any updates I should know about that have happened since last May?
  2. I want to burst lobs but its hard to get the people you need to get in. My friend told me about a chat named bursting lobs but all the variations of the spelling I've tried don't work. Help?
  3. I know there was a great guide to rock lobsters at one point and I used it to get my equipment and now that I have the money for the supplies I can't find it. Searching doesn't help and I've gone back 5 pages in the archive of wisdom. Help?
  4. OP should want a chaotic anyway, so he's only saving time by getting it sooner. True, but he might be a casual player. 85 Dung is a large goal. I don't really care about chaotic... I hate dung too much to get 85. I'm glad someone actually gave me something I can do except merching though
  5. So I've been farming and using my kingdom to make money for a long time but with the crash in herb prices, I can't rely on it anymore. I'm not interested in killing the KBD or TDS' or any boss monster so please don't recommend them.
  6. I'm guessing it is the same day you run out of members if you cancel
  7. Why do so many people like to block desert and jungle strykewyrms? They're a pretty average task that goes by fast in my experience
  8. He probably wanted you to get 74 for that one jadinko that drops ugune seeds
  9. Other: **** Earth hour and all hippie nonsense.
  10. 1. Can't really help you with that 2. Try to learn to prayer flash piety is the best advice I can give you there 3. I've never heard anyone suggest steam runes as good xp, I probably would've just told you law runes 4. I wouldn't bother with chaotic but I hate dung so... 5. I haven't done slayer in a long time but I know you should definitely cannon dags, aberrants, and greater demons if you're willing to risk the rev dungeon. I'd block black demons for sure but other then that I block tasks I just don't like 6. Its up to personal preference, I've heard prayer pots are the most efficient use of your money but I just do the highest potion I can to make it go faster. 7. Yes. String jewelery for sure.
  11. The wildy agility course is probably your best bet at level 62. I know a lot of people don't like that place anymore though so if you want you can probably train at ape atoll. Bring a lot of cakes though
  12. LOL! I'm pretty sure all you have to do is press the American (Maybe British) flag on the top left of the homepage. If that doesn't work then search google translate in google and you can translate the webpage to figure it out
  13. Enter this QYQQcQRQDRUDRYDRcJSQDSUSSYDScPTQDTUDTYDTcNUYHUcF In this link http://www.runehq.com/guide.php?type=calculator&id=0736 That's half my house, I didn't bother with the other half because you can see what I'm going for there. The portal garden is the bottom center. There isn't really any room for a dungeon so its usually 50% despise it for that reason and the other 50% think its pretty damn cool
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