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  1. Is this for slayer or charms? If you're killing them for charms then it's not really worth it. If you're slaying then use Quyneax's setup but with a slayer helm rather then an elite void helm.
  2. Use tears/lamps and other exp rewards until you are level 60 or even 70. It's not worth actually DGing until then.
  3. Blyaunte, it's better not to take his articles seriously. Ever. All he does it represent a polarized opinion with absolutely no regard for any other arguments. Need I remind anyone about the other gems he has written? An article asking for the old dangerous randoms back to help combat bots. An article claiming that people who love dungoneering are "shallow customers." He has multiple precedents of baseless, senseless, mindless opinions presented as facts. It's as though the Tip.It Times is trying to flamebait us by publishing his articles. In my opinion it's better not to take the bait.
  4. Have you ever used a forum before?
  5. I have IRL friend who have botted multiple 99s without getting banned/rolledback/hacked. Even one guy who makes a few hundred bucks a month by botting maxed turm zerkers and selling them. That only happens if you bot for 24h or bot all night play all day. Bot are very complex and antiban is brilliant, I've seen my friend run an agility bot and it is impossible to tell the difference between it an a real player, it makes little mistakes randomly, moves the pointer to check exp and different skills, opens different tabs, goes afk for short breaks, moves the pointer offscreen, clicks the obstacles in random parts, alternates between spamclicking and precision clicking. Much more realistic then a player like Jebrim that does perfect courses for 15 hours straight. People sink a lot of time into developing these and the community is massive, no wonder the products are so good at what they do. Like Obt said, not worth the risk though of maybe leaving it on for 48hours and getting caught. Once people get it into their heads that bots are inevitable and need to be accepted, maybe these threads will stop popping up.
  6. Botters don't use AHK to script. AHK is only used the way Wicked has used it. The problem is that many people don't understand what the Wicked scripts do and mislabel them. I'm actually writing an article about AHK right now if you want to look over it. I need to send it to an editor sometime, so might as well send it to you now if that's alright. As for how Jagex gets their funds. It is all speculation in the end, but there is a reason they no longer mass ban. I think it's because they are using the bots to milk RS while they frantically try to develop some other MMO but that's again just speculation.
  7. It took me ages to get it too. I'm really glad I did though, the about 500 talon charms I got kicked ass on the first bonues exp weekend when summoning was at 2.7x. Got over 1m summoning exp in less then 30 minutes. @ people getting trolled, I have a suspicion that the update this month will make it a lot easier to get. Best of luck to you all.
  8. It won't boost your chances of vissy or d legs/skirt. It still wouldn't hurt though as you're only losing +4 mage bonus and you should be very accurate on them. Just remember that with magic every spell missed is a good deal of GP lost so if you're missing even a little it's worth going for more mage bonus. Most of your profit should come from bones anyways. Biggest advice I can give gear-wise is to get an arcane stream necklace and make sure to use your highest surge spell. Runes are cheap at the moment. If you dged seriously getting ASN wouldn't take more then a few days but then you have it forever.
  9. Keep slaying, it will only take 1-2 hours. Remember to use boosting prayers -prayer potions are cheap at the moment- and super sets to boost your attack and strength. It may seem like a big investment but you should still profit while slaying and the extra exp/h is really worth the cost. You will actually save money in the long run by using super sets and boost prayers. Best of luck and enjoy that whip.
  10. Skip them until you get a rapier and super antifires. They used to be really slow when I was around your stats if I remember correctly.
  11. My posts got removed when this thread got cleaned up, despite them having some helpful info, luckily I had them in another tab so I can still post it. There are entire guides that attempt to answer these questions. Ghjkl is wrong because his answers are far too simplistic. Unfortunately I can't link you to the forums where all that material is hosted due to Tip.It policy. I really do suggest though that you look into DGS. The questions you are asking are what the clan is all about. Since the answers are complex we always try to improve our dging as we build answers to them. Ultimately though, nothing teaches these types of advanced techniques better then seeing them in practice. If you really want a good look at what we are about try browsing through this thread, it's over 100 pages long and you can really see how people have progressed. Het_Volk is asking what gsing doors is in the early pages seven months ago, now he's an amazing keyer. http://forum.tip.it/topic/288181-dungeonsweepers-dgs-huge-changes%3B-read-first-post/page__st__80 I think instructions for the new way to join are in there in the first post. Also tank flesh. When he melees turn on melee pray during the attack. This stops him from changing targets during the first phase. During the second everyone should pray melee. Mage pray doesn't block any damage during flesh, so if you're not tanking just ss + turm/peity.
  12. Very rare. I was going to advise you to wait until they update temple trekking later this month but gratz on getting it so quickly.
  13. The dungoneering instances are created within the world where the dungeons are hosted. So for citadels I was thinking more like after the party is created the host chooses size ect then chooses the world and all the dgers log in and the dungeon instantly starts. In the same vein people should be able to use clan wars from their citadel. Perhaps you go to the warring board, and it shows other clans open for warring where you can challenge from your citadel. Also a teleport to the deep wild lever. I liked you article, I would have responded sooner except the botting article mentioning AHK really angered me. All this bot talk is really annoying. People don't understand that Jagex wouldn't be able to fund developing this game without the bots paying memberships. Then they group things that they don't understand like AHK in with bots.
  14. I'm curious. How do you plan on using data that have different block lists?
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