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  1. so when i die i can come back to my gravestone and get my stuff... But when it gets crumbled, anyone can take my stuf, right?
  2. When you die in wilderness, you won't drop anything, or do you? I'm confused... :|
  3. Is there a monster to kill for profit with my levels? I have the following equipment: warrior helm Glory amulet obby cape dragon scimmy rune plate dragon skirt obby shield normal gloves dragon boots ring of wealth I want to get money for whip...
  4. I have to kill 40 green dragons, should i cancel this asiingment(i have bad memories killing green drags, got pked), or should i range/melee them?
  5. Just wanted to be sure: There's no point of using a def super potion when using protect from melee, right? O:)
  6. My hunter is almost 45 and i this far i've catched swamp lizards and now when it's 45 should i go to catch spotted kebbits or stay with swamp lizards...(until level 53) :?: :)
  7. Thought it myself too :anxious: , just had to be sure, thanks!
  8. I'm catching swamp lizards, should i keep them or drop them? :-w
  9. I have some here: Lergo - My main, who i'm playing now...(P2P) Simpanzzz - ''So called'' Range pure (F2P) Molekul22 - A guy who i wanted to make a str pure(f2p) Pwneralias - In the future it suppoused to be mage And one guy more who i wanted to make a mage too, bought runes and spent all my main's money on those runes, went in wildy, took them all -.- and lost them... And of course my first charachter georg999 - who got hacked...
  10. It's simple: If you want good xp make plates, if you are intrested more in profit make knives... : I think you shold make knives... :wink:
  11. +1 They will probably put Rs a secondary game like Rsc is now, if it is more profitable... :(
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