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  1. If you think thats weird just hope you never have a conversation with me IRL.
  2. I really need to start preping. Last time I looked I had about 6m in random herbs and seconds I've collected.
  3. Get veracs and piety, cannon and multicombat every task you get. Its less money on some tasks, but a lot more exp/hour. Use kurdael (sp?) as the 4(0)+ of the ring really helps a lot on any tasks in her dungeon.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/iXiR3d3mpt1oniXi#p/u/10/LqZ8paq0XEM No timer, no before and after nothing to prove he got 42k/hour. That room is horrible as striker can easily force you to run from 1 side to the other. That guys videos are pretty bad too, just the fire giant one I mean comeon use the titan scrolls with the slayer helm and use a special weapon.
  5. Why not purely use GTK or another multiplatform kit instead of a half done project based on a hotkey kit? I thought I'd just give you the heads up a lot of people are going to be annoyed you cut the credits from the entries your linking to.
  6. You can't use tiaras as seconds. They will be rising as people are saving the talismans for summoning or RC'ing (massive exp per inventory if you have the cash to buy a lot of them). Those rocks are random, check the topic in general theres a lot of people suggesting the wall in the agility arena.
  7. I dont see why the spawn speed matters, theres like 100 of them...I've never had to wait. All the good cannoning locations have about 5 or 6 spawns in there location and don't allow them to spread out, ie your not running around like crazy when strikers range you from the other side of the room. Using any of these locations you can kill them all, bank all the drops, kill the 2 near the bank before the ones near the cannon have even respawned. There respawn rate is about that of the giant mole where you can really make a cup of coffee while they spawn. Killing them without a cannon is silly as they take so long to kill. So its either run around like crazy after the strikers and kill less then you would with the other locations, or have to wait for them to respawn.
  8. You can sell them in the GE, turn them into scrolls (fruitbats and unicorns are good examples where the scrolls are in high demand) or trade them back for shards (70% of the shards used to make them) using the summoning guy just outside the ogre city.
  9. Just use google docs. Have a field where you enter the name and another which displays the value. Nice and simple and costs nothing at all.
  10. They respawn so slow its stupid (even on w2 still has you waiting for them to spawn) and even with piety and cannon they take ages to kill. I had them as a task once and now there on the blocked list. They might be ok to good exp, but they are such a long task they get boring after the first 30 and there is next to nothing you can do to speed it up as they are in single combat, have slow spawn and a silly amount of hp. Only reason to do them would be to mine them and thats if you don't care at all about the time it takes to complete the task.
  11. Don't buy into the 775 socket (or AM2 for amd) and don't buy DDR2. You need to read through some articles to get a better grasp of computers in general before you actually start looking to build one. The actual building will take 30 to 60 minutes, but picking the parts and reading up on them can take days if not weeks of research. A few questions: What do you want this computer for? If you said gaming what resolution monitor do you want to play on and which games are you mainly looking at? Whats your budget and country? How much computer knowledge do you have? Have you ever looked inside the case of a PC? Have you ever installed an operating system?
  12. No real reason to sell them back until your 99 summoning or really low on money. A few mill in shards will last a lot of pouches if you keep trading them back in every time you run out of shards.
  13. Level 73 to trade in fruit bats. Check the 3rd from last column of the last link I posted.
  14. Cost in shards = (130*4123)*25 = 13.39975m Return using shard trader = ((130*4123)*25)*0.7 = 9.379825m Actual cost of shards 4.019925m Exp = (121.2*4123)=499 707.6 Exp/gp=8.04455446 Which is actually cheaper then swamp titans at them moment http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Summoning_pouches if you make them into scrolls it drops it down a far bit (3250-(260*10))/122.6=5.36gp/exp If you add the cost of a banana its about 0.5gp/exp more, but still very good considering people believe greens are expensive to use.
  15. Neltak's post is bang on. My suggestion of all the golds first was based on you not getting any more of them. Which was why I mentioned it would be good to repost with the new totals. Option 2 sounds like a plan although I would still push fruit bats as they are cheap exp 4gp/exp about 2 days ago. If you make uni's or fruit bats you can always scroll them to save a little more gp and get a little more exp. About your issue with timing the runs as soon as you start to do the animation you can click teleport it saves a few seconds. Wear a glory or games necklace incase you forget to switch rings and save them once they get to (1) as over the course of your training you'll save a lot of gp (they sell only slighly under the cost of (8) so its free teleports). Keep killing bork as its a lot more blues and crimsons which will really add up on the day. Theres going to be a lot of dumping of pouches on the day so either hold onto them or take a run to the ogre trader every so often as the shards never change in the GE, plus you can always sell them all back. O and keep an eye out for imps as that area is generally full of magpies and higher so if you spot a dragon or kingly thats a 60k reward for simply PM'ing someone.
  16. Cannoning walliski and bork. Nothing else is worth killing for blue charms. Bork is 5 and walliski are about 25 to 30 blues per hour (about 20 crimson and a few gold/greens too, plus there drops pay for a lot of the cost)
  17. Personally I would stick to ranging prime, its a lot slower trying to melee. I tried a few mini-masses just after blood runs deep was released there was a lot of 0's I mean a lot. If anything full veracs would be better. Balsung is the best weapon for supreme as the kills are extremely quick.
  18. If your doing speed runs anything over 15 kc is a waste of time. Aim for 12/13.
  19. I just linked by debit card to paypal then pay via the paypal option. It adds an extra step, but you can do it all online in a matter of minutes.
  20. Looks good. I own a XFX 4850 which is pretty much the same graphics card performance wise and its great. I brought this HDD not to long ago and I really like it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185 If your spending that much on a psu I would get a corsair, but thats just be as I love corsair.
  21. wildy+trade limits were to remove RWTers. Without it happening right now all raw materials would be a few gp each and every single high level equipment would be about 5 times it current cost. Name changes was a long time request by players. Sure its not perfect, but a lot of players regretted there initial name after playing for a while. Breaking hp up massively increased the flexibility.
  22. Couple of things to add/change: The tzaar obby shields and capes <-> onyx and furys were the other way around and above the furys, to the south left of karils and ahrims they were selling black masks, the mystic sets were sold to the right of the infinity, not together (h), to the right of the glorys under the fence was where people sold their torn godpages the rest is more or less right, god i miss those days where you could really haggle for a good deal, not beeign concerned about trading 'stable' junk or 'rising' items that crash before you can sell em :cry: . Damn those where the good old days. Nothing quite like it, I remember buying and selling random barrows items which could sell for peanuts or millions depending on the time of day.
  23. I haven't had this issue but the last few servers have had the solution on the MOTD or a rolling message. Open steam and change the language settings to English then close steam and open it back up. Not sure if it will work, but I've seen it floating around.
  24. Melee have had it so good for so long just let range and magic have a small bonus. ATM if you want to kill spectors with range you have you use a full slayer helm to get the bonus, this requires hex and focus and the old slayer helm. If you want to melee them with 15% you just need the old slayer helm. It costs them atleast 4m more for the same helm a melee slayer can get for a fraction of the price.
  25. I'd just like to point out I was not being a complete tool with my post. The best F2P money maker is as described above about 500k if you have over 85 in a skill or closer to 200k if you don't. The cheapest party hat is 307.9m GE price which I would guess at being atleast an extra 50m street. 307.9/0.2=1539.5 hours or 23.5 days. Over the past 180 days the price has doubled. Realistically your looking at say 3 hours per day of playing which is 181 days. Now if phats keep rising buy the time you have enough for a phat at todays price it will have doubled in cost, meaning you only have half the GE value of the item. In short without you can constantly gain over about 1m per day to keep up with the natural rise of rares your not going to even get close to a phat with basic F2P money making methods. This is why GE flipping is one of the best methods for F2P, you can throw 20m at an item let it rise 1m in a day and make the extra cash for the actual item while the GE makes you the money.
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