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  1. It was. One of the mod developers who got an advanced release leaked the link. But then Mojang didn't want people getting viruses from fake copies of it, so they leaked it themselves. That's why you can download it from the Minecraft website through the link I posted on the last page.
  2. Oh look! A download link for 1.8! [hide]http://assets.minecraft.net/1_8-pre/minecraft.jar[/hide] Just put it in your bin folder and replace your old jar. It's from the minecraft servers and people on 4chan and reddit have played it extensively (including me), so yes, it's safe. Also, Notch said he was fine with anyone playing it early for all of you who are worried about piracy or something. Link to tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/112270245888139265 Have fun!
  3. About how many games would the 35k tokkul mark be, if anyone knows? Just murdering the same person over and over.
  4. Monkey knife fighters already beats Pyramid Plunder. And what level/equipment do you need for that? PP is too annoying for me to do anymore.
  5. I think he meant a spectral spirit shield.
  6. Yeah, a lot of new drops were added during the Ring of Wealth update. A few others were high amounts of pure essence, sharks and I think torstols.
  7. Here's the spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdHlwRC1VRVJiUkFNM2JVQ3otNS0xUGc#gid=1 and the cool thing about MTK is that what you have your workers assigned to while they're gathering resources doesn't matter, it only matters what they're on when you go to collect. So right before you collect the resources, just check what is the most profitable at that moment and change your workers accordingly.
  8. Would you mind adding me to the whitelist? I've been looking for an active server lately, and the last one was pretty fun. My minecraft username is "Duelmaster30".
  9. Congrats, 99 slayer is a great achievement, and if you're anything like me, it probably feels pretty damn awesome to get it finally :P Any ideas on what to do next, like more slayer, some skilling, quests, maybe dg? After spending so much time it probably feels a little weird being "done", but it always seemed to work for me to pick something you enjoy, and stick with it, or else you'll waste so much time bank-standing.. Congratulations again though, and enjoy that sexy cape! Just a word of advice though, you might want to repost those pictures with the links censored, because I've seen other pictures removed for that.


    So I was just surprised with a pass to Comic Con, and I'm flying down to San Diego tomorrow morning :D
  11. ROW does not affect clues/barrows iirc. It's only monster drops, and since those things are not dropped by monsters, they are not affected. I think the ROW update made it effect things like that, because I know for a fact it increases drops from pyramid plunder.
  12. Nub, when are you going to do some Slayer? It's getting close to one of your lowest skills, and that is just unacceptable. Grats on 89 thieving though
  13. They're rare. They also count your kills and "level up", giving everyone in the match an annoying notification. I have a strange scattergun, pistol, kunai and boston basher atm.
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