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  1. To panic sell Nex sets and buy in T90 sets, or not to panic sell... That is the question...
  2. So... I haven't won anything at all this month, except for what? 52 Lamps or something silly like that... So I posted in HLF.
  3. Ikr?! It was pretty damn awesome :D Was doing an Airut challenge to pass the time today since I'm off to work now... And this happened: 110 Defence! :D Now 4m exp to 111... May just put in the exp target to be 113 Defence, saves me having to change it every time.
  4. Had a 25% Kree task from yesterday to do... Got KC last night and so sat outside the room last night with around 3 hours worth of kit... So I got down to business today! 2nd Kill, boots WUT Kree = effigyscape 2.0 Plus just need the chestplate off him for full DIY arma... So hoping for that. Went back to death... 8 Rago > 26 KK > 8 Chaos Ele > 24 Kree So have that to do tomorrow evening when home from archives and then whatever else he cooks up for me to do.
  5. I had a 12 Nex task and so trio happened... The story is glorious... We're all in Skype call, and John goes "Oh this person just got Torva Gloves drop..." Jason: "I'm going to 1 up him" *Nex dies -> Zaryte Bow* BOOM
  6. I had a 12 Nex task and so trio happened... The story is glorious... We're all in Skype call, and John goes "Oh this person just got Torva Gloves drop..." Jason: "I'm going to 1 up him" *Nex dies -> Zaryte Bow* BOOM
  7. Soul Reaper is fun... Kept Arma Skirt though, need the GWD power armours for bank, just cause. May post a bank pic soon... Tis rather tasty right now! Also along with working on DIY GWD items (Bandy, Arma, Subjugation) I'm working on DIY Malevolent.
  8. I'm still on 0 prizes won too! #SurpriseSeptemberAngst
  9. Sara was kind I guess... War priest gloves were during KC. Body at 41 kills off Bree, Greaves at 42 kills off Growler, Helm was sometime later. Hiss was at 44 KC and Murmer was at 104.
  10. I have been putting energies into the GE at around 50k higher than GE price after your comment. Been working nicely! :D So... Gone back to QBD because of monies and DXPW... Managing to buy a few nice things to go in my bank! WAT Then she made it all worth while!
  11. "We're going to halve prizes for Surprise September because we know a lot of you are worried about the economy, like we are... LOLJK! Here's a DXPW to nuke all prices even further! Have fun! :D"
  12. Today is a good day: Then Shield split, sold for 6,175,00... So 1,533,750 split with Dan, Gwyn and Katkis.
  13. Shut up, it was a Rots call-out for someone in Shadow Realm ;-; Are you saying that it was premeditated? That just makes it worse m8 It was me in Shadow Realm if I recall! Today's soul reaper task hour:
  14. Good Sara Soul Reaper task was actually pretty damn amazing... Shard off Bree... Arma Cbow and Hiss were back to back off Zil.
  15. True story! :D Tonight... Then I cried. Also did Deo's SR task of 20KK with no real drops. Tab is slowly working back up after Overloads took a load out of it.
  16. "Karil's bombing the Middle East" ~Leik

  17. I'm a Historian (a Medievalist to be precise) not a Mathematician! I can't work miracles!
  18. So Mish, if you're a maths teacher, can you answer me this... If Ian has 10 oranges, Matthew has 15 apples and Dan has 52 bottles of pepsi and they're standing on a bridge that is three miles long, and a car has just come onto the bridge travelling at 30 miles per hour... What is the air speed velocity of the unlaiden swallow flying above the bridge?
  19. Unfortunately not much to report really... Had to make a load of Ovls for keeping up with bossing... RotS is basically now my favourite boss. Nowhere near as epic as Jason's several thousand overloads last night, or John's 12,000 ovl (3)'s. But still, will tide me over nicely until I can sell the tab. Drop tab around 120m... Going to test out BA tomorrow for funsies! Real life is well and I've started dating this awesome girl. Kie and Dan have dubbed her History Girl because we met by both volunteering at Hereford Cathedral and we both get extremely over excited talking about the Middle Ages. That's about it...
  20. 2 from QBD in the past month. Fight her for a while, and say hello to the greater majority of the RDT.
  21. So Mondays Thursdays and Saturdays to spend raffle tickets it seems!
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