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Mister Kay's Story

The Marquis

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Ough! My head aches, must've been a really hard fall. Oh, the reader of this might not know who I am! My names is... well you can just call me Mister Kay, or just Mr. K for short (I don't find this any shorter though). I am quite old (so old that I have white hair and beard, but still young enough to run like a child), I have a long beard and long hair. I am from Eastern Gielinor, where I work as a hunter. One day I was just doing my job when I found a strange portal and stepped into it.




Now, I stood up to find out where I was taken by the portal. I looked around and I saw a nice green field that had only a couple of red colored flowers sticking out. The field was surrounded by a forest from north, west and south. It didn't seem very scary and dark, that's good. The eastern area was quite plain.




So, there I was standing, admiring the beautiful nature, when I finally realized I didn't have my backpack which had a lot of useful stuff in it: my bow and arrows, some matches, a knife and some rags if I get cold. I panicked and didn't know what to do, then I started running around searching my bag. After an hour of hassle I was so tired, that I sat on a nearby rock to have some rest. I was sad and thinking what to do next. As I was just wrapping my long white beard around my finger, my stomach started aching. Ofcourse I had forgotten about food, so foolish of me!




I started walking to the northern part of the forest to hopefully find some edible berries or mushrooms. When I reached the woods I noticed it was quite bare: only long pines and just a few bushes. I found some wild strawberries in a hole behind a pine tree, I think this spot was created by a bear to hibernate, thank god it was mid-summer! I picked the berries, ate a few and then wanted to put some in my pocket for later, when I noticed a piece of paper in my pocket. It looked like a map of the area with a small dot showing where I was (I think). I also found a regular pencil and a plain notebook, I thought that would be useful.


Here's the map I found:






I thought that using the little notebook for a journal might be a good idea. Uh, I don't know how to title it... ah, I'll just write "Day 1" for today, as the first day of my arrival to this... place. Hmm, what should I call this land, I'll think about it later...




It was getting darker and I thought it might be a good idea to find a place to sleep. I didn't want to smash the strawberries in the "bearnest" I found, so I went looking for a new spot.




It was already so dark that I could barely see, only the moon was lightening the ground that wasn't shaded bu the high pinetrees. Now I was really sleepy, so I just sat down under a bent pine that was good enough as a shelter and fell to sleep...




OOC: Hi everyone, I'm quite new to this. Also please pardon me for my not-so-good English skills, because I am just 15 years old and my native language is not English either (it's Estonian, if you'd like to know).

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Day 2




...is what I sketch to my journal. My spine and neck hurt from the hard ground that I slept on. I should really move on to find a spot for a more-less permanent camp. My throat is sore: I need to find water. As i move west... I think... I find a couple of strange birds that are very colorful and seem happy from eachothers company, it makes my mind more settle and peaceful. The forest is getting thicker and more bushes with edible berries appear. I pick some for breakfast. Uh, but I need to find water...




After a while of searching I found a small pond with very pure water, seems like a miracle, seeing that the pond doesn't seem to have any source of water. I sit down to have a sip of it and it tastes really fresh and smooth... lovely!




I sit down on a nearby log and think of what to do next. Ofcourse I now need to find a spot for a camp... oh wait, here is a good spot. The other side of the log is filled with green and soft moss, perfect for sleeping. now I should go and see if I can find some food other than berries. For that I need a knife... or a shar stick... or a rock or something. I break of a twig from the pine on the other side of the pond. This soon-to-be spear looks handy, all I need is to cut off any small thorny pieces of it and sharpen the tip. I notice a large rock sticking out of the ground with a fairly sharp edge. I sharpen the edge and now go hunting for some prey, it should be easy since I'm a professional hunter! Soon after sneaking around the forest a bit I find a rabbit hole... hopefully there are some in there. Instead of using my spear I set up a trap near the hole, that is basicly a hole filled with sharp twigs and rocks and covered with leaves.




I head back to the "campsite" to make a fire... but how. After a while of thinking, I discover that most of the rocks and stones around me are made of silicon, perfect for starting a fire. Ithen collect a number of dry leaves and wooden sticks and make a base for the fire. I start hitting one rock with another... nothing happens. I repeat it, still nothing. I try a couple of more times, but still nothing happens, I'm already losing faith. I try one more time and this time a spark strikes! Yes, that's what I needed... oh no it wasn't enough to start the fire. Now I hit the rocks against eachother almost like trying to crush them until one of the sparks ignites the fire base.




I jump up and raise my hands. Finally! Atlast I have crackling source of heat and light! This really made my day. Now I quickly run back to the rabbittrap that I had set and find a small rabbit inside... poor creature, but I have to eat. I head back to the camp, mourning the rabbit...




When I get back to the site, I find some extinguished twigs on the ground. Oh no, the fire is out. I start making the fire again and it ignites after a while. I then skin the rabbit and cook the meat, that took a while, but atleast now I have a perfect meal for today. I add some berries to the cooked meat to make it more delicious. Oh now, it's so good to finally have a decent meal to keep me going. Soon after finishing my dinner it starts getting darker. I add last of my collected wood to the fire and head to the mossy ground for a good night sleep.

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Day 3




Finally, a good night sleep! The sun hasn't gone very high yet, must be really early morning. I think about getting up, but it was soo good sleeping here, so I just stay there laying on the ground. I notice the sky, it barely has any clouds strolling around, only a couple of birds high above, I wonder if they're the ones I saw yesterday...


After a while I get up *burrp* my stomach, I'm hungry again. I take bite from the yesterday's leftovers from the rabbit and drink a sip from the pond... I really need a mug or something, it's really unconvinient to bend over the low water. The fire has gone out.




Should I stay here... or head out to find... someone, really, maybe there is someone out there, maybe there are even large prospering cities to be discovered *large sigh* in my dreams. I'll stay here, the best for me to just make a camp, a place to come to, something like home... I miss my home, I miss sitting in my rocking chair and reading books, I miss everything...




Ok then, I should find suitable material for a shelter, but first I go and set up the trap for rabbits again. I wander northeast until I see that the forest starts getting more bare and empty. I make my way to a field. Hey this looks like a road! Maybe there are other people really around, but perhaps they are hostile... I'll just scour the area and head back. I find a couple of plants that seem strong and flexible enough to be sewn into rope, you'll always need some rope I know that! I pick up a bunch and head back to the camp, also I pick up the rabbit from the trap again.


I start sewing the plants into a strong rope, I think 3 per rope will do, maybe 4 for half of the ones. I soak them in water to make them stronger. Seems like a got about 4-5 meters of it - enough for now. I found a flat stone earlier, I think I can make a pan or such out of it for cooking my rabbit meat. Now I head back again to look for sturdy logs, I found a couple of ones that have fallen down recently and then attach them together with the rope for a shelter that looks like an indian teepee - "Nice" I think to myself. I cover it with leafy branches from nearby bushes and trees and fill the holes with moss. I still have about 2 or so meters of rope left. My rabbit has been thoroughly cooked by now and I have a nice meal.




I'm feeling really good and now head into my newly built hut and start thinking of what to do tomorrow - definetly get some better food, maybe go down the road north-west to look for other people, I also need to craft myself some tools and other equipment.


I check the map that I have, it hasn't changed much, since I returned back here anyway.








I'm so exhausted from this day that I fall asleep before the sun even finally goes down...

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Day 4




Seems that it has rained, thank god I'm not wet, built the hut just at the right time. I think I should venture further north and leave this campsite to be, hopefully no animals will demolish it. I sew the 2 rabbit skins together to make a waterflask, then fill it with water, wrap the rest of the rope over my shoulder, take the 2 firestones and head out. Soon I come out of the forest and to the field where I had been yesterday.


This ground sure looks like a path, so I head east along it. And what's that... a sign or something?! Maybe. I rush to it and find something written on it.




"South to S...*scribble*"


"...st to New K..."




Oh damn, it's to old and rotten to make any sense of it! I sit down on the ground and think of what to do next. South to where? Is it "east" or west"... Ah I think I'll go west then, nothing to lose from it anyway. Atleast now I know there are more people somewhere here, "I AM NOT ALONE!!"




Time to head west...

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I walk and walk more... The surroundings look quite bare, like something has forced them not to grow heathily. Not many animals inhabit this area, I've only seen a couple of rabbits and noone else. No sign of other humans either. Maybe the sign wasn't written by other people, maybe... But it was in the language I know.




Soon after walking a bit north-west a river comes up on my right-hand side. The water looks very pure and clear. I decide to fill my flask from it. I also find some strange trees with green and yellow fruits on it, I pick a few of the yellower ones, they taste... good, not bitter, but not sweet either. But they sure fill me up, even make me a bit sleepy... Ah time to nap...

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Although it's night, I move more to the northwest along the riverside. I am starving and I can't catch any fish due to the darkness.


At dawn I make it to a small forested area and the path seems to end. Strange, I thought I would encounter some kind of civilization along the road, but nothing...


Oh hold on there is a sign in the bush... It says:




Do not go ahead


if you do value your life


Beware of the risk




I wonder what is there...

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Ahaa the sign I found was a haiku, very clever. I decide to go north and after a bit of walking a discover the road again. The road takes me a mile north until it splits. One way goes north and the other to the west. The sign at the road says:




North to bridge


West to Inn, Fort




Also the sign seems to be hacked by some weapons. I head west, the road makes a strange turn back south. There are cliffs just right of me and a field to the left. After some time a find another sign saying




Fort sabotagd go in




The sign seems to point that Fort is on top of the cliff and the Inn to the south. I head for that. It's nearly night when I make it to the in. The lights are all on which seems very odd. I sneak to the back of the Inn and hear some voices coming from one of the second floor windows. I can't make sense of what they are saying, but both voices are male and also quite calm.




I then decide to go in. It looks like people have just disappeared at one point. All of the things are just lying about just the people are gone. I hear one of the doors creak and then steps of someone coming down the stairs. I quickly run behind the counter and start listening closely...




OOC: So I made it to the Inn, I think one of you (Tyler, Archi) are coming to get food. It's up to you to decide if you see/hear me or not. (A good idea is for you to hear my stomach, since I haven't ate all day :))

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Well, this what happened (OOC: wont be much as it has been described before) I must've fallen asleep behind that counter, but when I woke a man was standing near me, offering me food, I accepted it gratefully. Some noises came from the outside, but I was too busy eating. Now there are 4 of us in the Inn, Archimage - he seems to have the most ide of where we are, then Tyler - he is a friendly chap who seems to be skilled in the art of fighting, then Hawks - I don't know much about him, but he seems okay, and then me.


We all went to bed to get some sleep and then in the morning we sat down around a table and discussed what to do next. We all had the same maps, also Archimage seemed to aquire another map which showed locations, though it seemed a bit inaccurate. Tyler wanted to go to the Fort and Archi to Silvero - a town to the south.


"We should split into groups of 2" said Tyler.




"I agree, I'll come with you to the fort (Locksmeade as I found out), did you see the strange sign on the road about the for being sabotaged or something. We should investigate." I said.


Hawks seemed facing a dilemma.


"Well, no matter where you go we should make ourselves some backpacks for travelling and fill them with food. Also guys what weapons do you have?"


And I put my heavy knife-like sharp rock on the table (it had rope tied around one end of it like a grip)




OOC: I think when we split up, the forum threads should unite accordingly

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I woke up and found that Tyler had left us a message: "I have gone to the competition already, I'll see you there, good luck"


I got up and got ready for the competition, apparently there were 7 different rounds for bowmen: sharp-shooting (regular firing, 10 shots), stock-shooting (everyone used the same bow), longrange, rapid-firing (2 different distances), trick-shot (jury decided the coolest shot) and 1-on-1 tournament (had to hit your enemy in a fight on the arena with obstacles).


So then I headed out for the arena, the magic competition was already on and I went to check out how Tyler was doing, didn't find him though...

My competition started at 1 o'clock. I dominated most of the rounds, only at rapid-firing I wasn't that good. I did a magnificent trick-shot with jumping from high, doing a 360 and firing right to the bullseye, all that blindfolded. There was a break before the last tournament and I found Tyler among the various people at the stadium, he gave me a part of his prize-money as a gift if I won't win. I thanked him and said I would probably win the competition and give the money back. There were 15 competitors registered to the tournament, so I leading the whole competition, didn't have to fight the first round. When it was time for me to start I readied my bow and stepped out to the arena. It was filled with different obstacles, like low and high walls, a tower wit a ladder, many broken carts and other rubble to hide behind. So the fight started my opponent was quite bad and I hit him in the first 3 minutes. Contestants were protected from arrows by spells which would only finish the round and do pain if hit, no real damage was done. I went through all of the opponents and won the finals with a hard 30-minute battle with the best marksman in town, we both had to replenish out quivers numerous times, but in the end I succeeded.


After getting the prize money (200 gold coins) I went to look for Tyler and Hawkxs. I saw Ty away from the statium talking to a man, he ran off with Tyler chasing him, I decided to follow them. They were running at such great pace, that I soon fell behind, lost in the woods near Silvero. I sat down on the green grass, rested and thought what to do next. As I was getting up... *SLAM!* (I was hit on the head)



OOC: I have so much work at the moment so I probably wont be writing before Christmas. Until then, you may find me somewhere held captive or just lying on the ground, you may operate my character if you want to, just make sure I don't do any magic or anything irregular. Cya

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My head... I've felt like this before...


I found my self in the middle of a forest looking up at the pale sky. It was dawn. I didn't know how long I had been out, maybe through the night, maybe more. I didn't have the strenght to stand up, so I just laid there for 5 more minutes... When I had finally stood up, I went uickly through all my stuff: I had no money, my bow and arrows were gone, too. I practicly had nothing, but the small map on the parchment, which had cleared itself of any of my journey.


"Back to square one" I thought

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