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  1. Nice going Kim. Good luck with the monies. They say dwarf weed is better for farming these days. Not sure, but that is what I am planting right now.
  2. Thanks people :) I've been bossing a tiny bit. Died twice at KK Also been doing quite a lot of glacors
  3. Well here it is :P Thanks for coming/congratulating A new chapter begins. "The Infinite Death Count" wherein Marq will attempt to boss and fail at it miserably. I will actually start counting my deaths :P
  4. Completionist today. Getting it at 2300 GMT approximately. So if you want to come and say that I am a nublet and whatnot... see you there.
  5. Wooo! I only have one more level to go, because..... Dungeoneering 119 Defence 98 [hide][/hide] So yeah, I have 7 more levels to go, one in DG, one in each combat skill, with two in Magic Comp, here I come baby!!!
  6. One that I used for a long period of time was 'Elites Army'. They went rogue though. Not sure how the deal is there these days, but if they need a vouch, use my name (I used to be a rank) :)
  7. Interestingly, we managed to get a game going just yesterday :) Thanks everyone
  8. Yeah I am looking to get a team up as well to get the track, but it's impossible to find 16 people
  9. Grats to you! You got some of the better masks now :) [hide]Because of these people you mentioned, I immediately assume RWBY[/hide]
  10. Ah, that glorious moment when the 200m thread reaches page 1337
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