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how lucky have you been at barrows?


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In the next few days ill have done all the quests and extra advised ones to do barrows. My lvls r all 70 plus and i think i know what im doing. But i was woundering how lucky have you been at barrows? Whats your profit, what can i expect?

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I'd say that on average 95% of runs I make a profit with black salamander method.


Slightly less with ancients and normal magic and veracs method.




However I am pretty unlucky with barrows drops compared to most people I know. -.-

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You should average 200-400k per hour if you factor in the barrow drops. That's an average, spread out over a few hours. So then again, you could get less, but you can get more too.

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I usually get 40k/chest in runes/racks. My past 55 chests have been empty however. My slowpoke method of barrowing gets me about 4-5 chests/hour, which is 160-200k with no armour.

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When I was new at barrows I had insane luck; I averaged an item every 1-3 chests :mrgreen:

Dragon drops: 82 (2 claws)

Dagannoth kings drops: 73

Barrows item count: 51

GWD drops: 54 (5 hilts: 1x bandos, 3x saradomin, 1x zamorak)

Whips: 4

Sigils: 1x spectral (FFA), 1x arcane (FFA)

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In a rare incident of freak luck I got 5 items in 4 trips, making me over 10 mil in an hour! First trip dharoks helm, next karils crossbow, then another dharoks helm, and finally ahrims hood and skirt in same chest omg woooott!




But I see all my trips as profitable because I make my own supplies (pots, addy bolts, tuna potatoes) and I use the runes I get in the chest, so whatever cash and runes I get is all profit to me, not to mention the combat exp.

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